Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rite Aid Fun

UPDATE - I tried the +UP Rewards deal on Huggies that I mentioned yesterday and no rewards printed. I guess that particular deal isn't nationwide. Bummer. Rite Aid
  • Blink Tears (0.5 oz) $7.99, used $2 coupon (5/16 RP) and will get back $7.99 (SCR #1) = $2 profit
  • 2 Old Spice Red Zone Body Washes $3.50 each, used BOGO coupon (P&G home mailer) and got $4 in +UP rewards (RA cash that prints at the end of your receipt - like CVS's EB's) = $0.50 profit
  • 2 Aveeno lotions $3.49 each, used two $3 in-circular coupons = $0.49 each
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon, total was $5.68

At another store:

  • 2 Old Spice Red Zone Body Washes $3.50 each, used BOGO coupon (cashier entered in as $4.79, P&G home mailer) and got $4 in +UP rewards (RA cash that prints at the end of your receipt - like CVS's EB's) = $1.79 profit
  • Aveeno lotion $3.49, used $3 in-circular coupon = $0.49
  • Total was $3.23

Another store:

  • Aveeno Ageless Vitality $34.99, used $5 coupon (All You, May issue), $5 in-circular coupon and $5 off $20 coupon = $22.09

Thought this was going to be $39.99, so I'm a bit short of my $50 mark ($45.46) for rebates: $25 RA gift card (SCR #555) and $5 RA gift card (SCR #655). I'll buy two more Aveeno lotions this week. Once I do, I'll have spent $24.54 (I included the cost of the lotions in here - in reality, they almost came out to be free when I factor in the $5/$20 coupons used) and get back $20 rebate for the Aveeno and $30 in RA gift cards = $25.46 profit!

Bought another two OS body washes. FYI - these are with the razors, not body wash in the store. I'll see if they qualify for SCR #101. If not, I'll do the same deal with the deodorants instead. I should have enough coupons from the P&G home mailers and I think there are qualifying coupons in today's P&G. I order my coupons online, so I don't have them in front of me to double check.


mb said...

Thanks for testing the Huggies +up!! I'm so disappointed it didn't work! And thanks for giving me an Aveeno strategy. This skincare SCR includes too many options - it's overwhelming!

Chitra said...


Did you do the 2 transactions on the same RA rewards card and get the Up rewards both times?


frugalsuz said...

I know, that would have been a fabulous deal. You're very welcome! I got the idea from a similar deal on Slick Deals. Sometimes these "buy X, get Y" SCR's blow my mind too - just too many options!

I sure did! Its just limited to one per transaction. So if you bought 4 Old Spices in one transaction, you'd still only get $4 back. But you can do the deal over and over.

mb said...

Did you try rolling the +up rewards when you bought more Old Spice?

frugalsuz said...

I was a little scared to try rolling them, but I read online that that works just fine.

Pubbler said...

So you can roll the UP rewards into 2 more Old Spice + Aveeno and only pay sales tax? That sounds almost too good to be true. But I'm loving it!

Pubbler said...

Where in the store did you find the Aveeno Vitality? Was it with the other skincare items? I've checked 2 stores & haven't found any...yet

frugalsuz said...

I've found them with the other Aveeno facial care stuff. Of all the stores I've been to, only two stores had them and each store only had ONE kit. What a pain!

Thrifty T said...

Thanks for the deals!!! I do have a question on the aveeno rebate though. You have to buy the vitality and a sunscreen, correct? Or will the small lotions work?

frugalsuz said...

Thrifty T,
There are about 200 million things that qualify for the skincare rebates, its kinda confusing! The small tubes of Aveeno DO count, which makes them a great item to get since the OOP is so low. I just bought the Vitality kit and the small tubes of lotion and I qualified for the rebate. You just have to spend $50 total (pre-coupon prices).

Jonathan said...

Do you have 2 different wellness cards? I'm just wondering if I can do the sun/skin care + $5 bonus on 2 SCR accounts with the same wellness card.

frugalsuz said...

Yup, I have one for me and one for my boyfriend. I got them in the store.