Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Be on the lookout for these Biore cleansers, specifically the back of the bottles. If you're lucky, you might be able to find peelie coupons for a $15 prepaid card if you complete a survey online about the cleanser.
Rite Aid - big thanks to Wild for Wags (although I haven't been able to find any at WAG's) for the head's up on the Biore - what a great deal!
  • Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara $10.95, used $5 RA coupon (printable that was emailed out) and $5 peelie coupon and will submit for TMF rebate (have to include TMF sticker from package) = $10 profit
  • Biore Steam Activated Cleanser $7.49, will submit for $15 prepaid card (via survey info found on peelie) = $7.51 profit
  • 2 Diet Cokes (one regular, one caffeine free) $1.69 each, will get back $1.69 (SCR #125) = $1.69
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon, total was $7.00, overall profit = $20.64

I also picked up two rainchecks for three Huggies at $8.99 each. Starting Sunday, RA is introducing a new program called +UP Rewards. Its kind of like CVS - RA money will print at the bottom of your receipt when you buy qualifying items. There's an +UP Rewards deal on Huggies through 6/12. When you buy three Huggies, you get back $11.99 in rewards. With the $8.99 raincheck price, they'll be FREE! Here's the math: three at $8.99 each, $5 off $20 coupon, three $3 coupons and three $1 RA coupon = $9.97 and get back $11.97 rewards = $2 profit. If the store won't allow me to use three VV coupons at once, I'll just use one and pay $11.97 - so FREE! The $8.99 price is only for this week and the +UP Rewards program doesn't go national until Sunday, so if you want to do this deal, be sure to get a raincheck for at least three. The stores I went to weren't wiped clean of Huggies, so I said that they were out of the size I needed and I didn't have any problems getting rainchecks.


  • Biore Steam Activated Cleanser $7.99 and Biore Facial Wipes $7.99, used $2 off 2 peelie coupon, got back $3 EB (WYB $10, monthly deal I think? Limit definitely more than one) and will submit for $15 prepaid card (via survey info found on peelie on cleanser) = $4.02 profit
  • 3 Power Bars $0.99 each, got back $2.97 EB ($0.99 EB for each, monthly deal, Limit 3) = FREE
  • Dove candy bar clearanced to $0.44 - looong gone
  • Used $4 off $20 coupon, $1 EB, $1 EB, $4 EB and $7 EB, total was $1.24


  • 4 Right Guard deodorants (travel size) $0.97 each, used two $3 off 2 coupon = $2.12 profit
  • 3 Olay Toners $2.99 each and 3 Olay Regenerist Cleansing Wipes $5.99 each, used three $1 coupons (5/16 SS) and three $5 coupons (P&G home mailer) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every two that I bought = $6.06 profit
  • Total was $6.87, paid with gift cards

Now have enough Olay purchases to finish out my third $12 rebate.

I've been on the lookout for clearanced Listerine, but haven't had any luck. I figured I'd just buy the cheapest I could find:

  • 2 Listerine Whitening (bought separately) $5.34, used $2 coupon = $3.34 - paid with gift card
  • Will submit for $10 rebate on each


  • 4 Chore Boy Sponges $1.34 each, used four $0.55 coupons = $0.24 each
  • Total was $1.13 after $0.05 bag discount


Precious said...

Thanks for the tips!

frugalsuz said...

No problemo :)

mb said...

Thanks for the Huggies raincheck idea. I got 2 rainchecks for 3 huggies each. I REALLY hope this works. I'm worried the +Up reward will change to a much smaller amount now that the program is national... But it's worth a try!

I couldn't find any clearance listerine yesterday either! BUt I saw tons of it at my Target earlier in the week. I didn't have my coupon with me at the time so I waited. I think it's impossible that it was all purchased - not a lot of couponers in my area. I asked someone who works there if it could have been moved but she wasn't helpful. :(

Jean said...

Does anyone have any extra of the Biore survey coupons? I have looked at tons of stores and they are no where to be found. Would love to have one though.

frugalsuz said...

I haven't seen any on ebay.