Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Need to Adjust Your Web Browser

You're still tuned into HWFS and we are not experiencing technical difficulties. I really love JF and gosh darn'd it, I wanted some. So I bought it. And it wasn't free. And you know what? I'm ok with it. Let's move it along people, nothing to see here...
  • 3 John Frieda sham/conds three for $15, used $5 off 2 coupon (5/2 SS - expires Saturday) and $2.50 coupon (take survey or $2 coupon) and got back $5 RR (WYB 3, monthly deal) = $2.50 or $0.83 each *The bonus size bottles do NOT work for the deal (learned that one the hard way)
  • Royal Gelatin $0.20 with in-circular coupon
  • Used $8 RR, total was $1.25

I hit up a couple stores to use almost all my coupons for Ecotrin (one left) and Kotex (four left). I pretty much just bought the two together and paid with gift cards. The Kotex coupon has reset, so be sure to print some more! I also returned the three extra Cortaid's I bought (thinking the rebate limit was two). I did each return at a different store and at each, I got $3 cash back.

I also looked for the individual Neutrogena bars at four different stores - nada. Maybe they'll get some more in soon. The deal is that you buy three bars ($2.69-$2.99) and get back $10 RR for a small profit. Its a monthly deal, so there's plenty of time to look for them.

Rite Aid
  • Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara $10.95, used $5 RA coupon (printable that was emailed out) and $1 coupon (3/28 or 4/21 SS) and will submit for TMF rebate (have to include TMF sticker from package) = $6 profit
  • 3 Stayfree Pads $1.99 each, used three $2 coupons (3/28 RP) = FREE/$0.03 profit
  • Huggies Snug & Fit Diapers Jumbo Pack $8.99, used $3 coupon (or here) and $1 RA coupon = $4.99
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon, total was $5.33, paid with gift card

SCR #800 (Valid 4/24 - 7/24) gives you a coupon for a free pack of Huggies diapers when you buy five packs of diapers, so I'm shooting for that. Its rumored that you get the coupon with only three or four packs of diapers. With all the deals this week, it hasn't been too hard to get up to $20, use a $5 off $20 coupon and have that cover the cost of the diapers. We'll see how I do.


mb said...

Looks like you're starting your own diaper stockpile. People are going to start spreading rumors.... LOL

frugalsuz said...

Three packs of diapers does not a stockpile make. :p