Thursday, June 3, 2010

$0.37 for Diapers? Ok!

I found a NBPR rebate on ebay today from Budweiser - spend $10 on a variety of summer items, including sunglasses and get back $8! Its a little expensive right now (the only auctions I saw were about $2.30 for one form) so I'm going to keep an eye on it and pounce at the right time. This will be great to use along with the sunglasses I bought at Rite Aid earlier this week!

  • CVS brand Ultra Thin Jumbo Pack Diapers (34 pack) - clearanced to $2.37, got back $2 EB (Limit 1) = $0.37

EB's don't always print on clearanced items so this is a really great deal. The diapers were NOT marked as being clearanced, so you might want to scan them before going to the register. I almost prefer when the stores don't mark the items because there's usually more stock left. Hidden deals rock!

  • 6 Olay Toners $2.99 each, used six $1 coupons (5/16 SS) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every two that I bought = $1.01 profit for every two, $3.03 profit overall
  • 6 Olay Regenerist facial cleansing wipes $5.99 each, used six $5 coupons (P&G home mailer) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every two that I bought = $3.02 profit for every two, $9.06 profit overall
  • 4 Bounty Basic Paper Towels $0.99 each, used four $1 coupons (P&G home mailer) = FREE/$0.04 profit
  • Total was $19.51, paid with gift cards

The $5 coupons did not beep, thank goodness. These $1 coupons beeped, but my cashier didn't give me any trouble and pushed them all through. I had printed out a page from Olay's website where they classify toner as a cleanser just in case. I'll submit for this $12 rebate (DBF's address) for buying $30 of qualifying P&G items. I have enough coupons left to finish out another $12 rebate (parents' address) I started earlier this week. The store had tons of Olay in stock, so hopefully I'll finish this out tomorrow.


  • 2 Red Baron pizzas $3 each (only enough room in the freezer for one so I had the second for dinner - yum!)
  • $10 Walgreens gift card
  • 3 Royal Jelatins $0.20 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used six $2.50 RR's, total was $1.60

At a different store, I bought two Kotex's and my last Ecotrin. I have one lonely Kotex coupon left to use up.


Stephanie said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on my store having their diapers marked down tomorrow : ) They have been only 25% off the past few weeks.

frugalsuz said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you too!

Jen said...

Ah maaaan! I didn't realize the $5 P&G q's could be used on these! Looks like I might have to go back. Thanks for the heads' up.

frugalsuz said...

They don't even beep! Much easier to use than the other coupons that have been out for Olay.