Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Shopping, Some Laughs and Some Housekeeping Items

Walgreens is having a four day sale from 8/19 - 8/22 where if you spend $25, you'll receive a $5 RR. Not sure if this is before coupons, after coupons, before RR's you use to pay or if its linked somehow to the pull of the tide, we'll just have to see as more details come out. Here's the HCW thread if you want to stay on top of it. :)

For a laugh, read the review by B. Govern "Bee-Dot-Govern". Muchos gracias to my sister for sending this to me.
Walgreens - hit up three different stores today

Store 1

  • 9 Scotch mailers $0.49 each, used six $0.50 coupons (6/28 RP) = $1.41 or $0.16 each *I could have used more coupons here but I needed some fillers so I could use my RR
  • Conair Professional Hair Brush $2.99, got back $2 RR = $0.99
  • Used $4 RR, total was $0.92
Store 2
  • 8 Scotch mailers $0.49 each, used seven $0.50 coupons (6/28 RP) = $0.42 or $0.05 each
  • Total was $0.70

Store 3

  • 11 Scotch mailers $0.49 each, used ten $0.50 coupons (6/28 RP) = $0.39 or $0.03 each
  • Total was $0.77

Normally at Walgreens when you're trying to use a coupon for more than the value of the item, it will beep. That's why I used one less coupon than items (except for store one). That's one way of getting around the problem. Technically, the store should adjust your coupon down ($0.50 coupon adjusted to $0.49) but I've found many cashiers at Walgreens are unwilling to do this. However, pubbler emailed me to let me know that she used these coupons today and they didn't beep! You just have to make sure you have an extra item in your order to cover the overage.

Good to know - according to HCW, there are actually four separate Kelloggs' Fuel for School rebates out there. 1) Online form (PO Box 70232), 2) 8/2 RP (PO Box 70163), 3) Form in various stores - top form in this picture, I found mine at Acme (PO Box 70194) and 4) Coupon booklet in stores with "Fuel for School" display. How cool is that? Keep your eyes peeled for these.And finally, Riley is learning to navigate obstacle courses. Just look at those ears!


Pubbler said...

We can do 4 Kelloggs Rebates?! Holy smokes, I've got to go Thanks for posting this. I've already submitted one rebate form. Now I've got to find some good deals for the rest.

K*Tina! said...

Riley is adorable!

Thanks for all the Walgreens shopping tips! Have you ever checked out ? There are some good ideas on there as well.

Lisa B. said...

Great job on those envies.

Riley is sooo smart!

frugalsuz said...

I know, its crazy!

Isn't he? Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.

I think he really enjoys having a "job" to do.

Lindsay said...

LMAO! That was hilarious!!!! I may print that out and keep it in my desk for when I'm having a bad day! Thanks for sharing! :)

Emily said...

Aaahahahaha! I <3 B. Govern's review. Actually, SonofSpam's underneath it is not bad either.

Thanks for teh funnies :)