Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everything's Expiring on Me!

Isn't this adorable? My boyfriend's mom picked up this notepad for me. Too cute!
CVS on Saturday
I had a $2 EB that had expired on 8/5 and I was in the area of a store that I know accepts expired EB's so I stopped in. I asked how long they accept expired ones and they told me only a week, so I figured I'd buy some stuff then so I wouldn't have to make another trip. I picked up a bottle of Softsoap Nutri Serum body wash for $4.99 and a permanent marker for $0.01 (I think these are a month long sale, they were in a bin at the front of the store). I paid with a $2 EB and a $3 EB but no EB's printed out. When I checked the circular, I realized the Softsoap was a three day sale (duh!) so I returned it and got my money back on a gift card. So basically, I turned my EB into gift card money - works for me!
ShopRite - I had $9 in catalinas expiring today, perfect for newspapers. I'm so glad I thought to check the expiration date on these. With all my recent Acme shopping, I'd almost forgotten about them.
  • 6 newspapers $1.50 each
  • Used $1 cat, $3 cat and $5 cat, total was zero

Rite Aid

  • Scotch Desk Grip Tape Dispenser $2.49, used $2 coupon and will get back $2.49 (SCR #76) = $2 profit *The rebate this week is also good for a Hand Held tape dispenser but the coupon beeps on this item.
  • Total was $0.67

Bought a second one, will submit for rebate in DBF's name

DBF and I stopped by Petco this weekend and I splurged on some new toys for the kitties. I got them a crinkly tunnel to romp around in and a half-circle scratchy thing. They can sit on the white base and rub their heads on the sides. Gigi is forever rubbing her head all over everything in the apartment so I figured she'd like this. They are a little wary of the new toys but I'm sure they'll warm up to them soon enough.

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