Friday, August 7, 2009

July Savings

July Monthly Totals

  • Merchandise Total (before coupons): $1,574.15
  • Value of Coupons & Store Sales: $975.80
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Used: $242.08
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Earned: $315.69
  • Rebates: $233.31
  • Total Cost to me (after rewards earned and rebates): $83.96
  • Total Profit: $62.01
  • # of Items: 451, # of Free Items: 313
I redeemed $40 worth of rewards on my Discover card for a $45 CVS gift card. I love these! I hardly ever have to spend cash at CVS because I keep getting these cards.

Rebates received:
  • $2.99 Reynold 100% Recycled Foil my address
  • $11.99 Tena rebate x3 (my address, DBF's address and parent's address)
  • $2.69 Windex Wipes
  • $4.50 Windex DBF's address
  • $4.99 Blue Bunny ice cream
  • $9.99 Accu-Check diabetes meter
  • $14.95 PF Bronze Booster (parents' address)
  • $8.99 PF Bronze Booster x2 (my address and DBF's address)

I also got back $30 from my eye doctor because I gave them the wrong insurance information originally and was due a refund on the copay I initially gave them.

eBay profits: $124.93


Jamie said...

You're amazing! Do you know what your year-to-date totals are? I'd venture to say you've made a nice profit every month!

frugalsuz said...

Thank you! At the end of the year, I'm going to add everything up and see how I did. Last year I ended up profiting about $900!

Becca said...

What's your ebay seller name? Just curious :) Maybe I can help contribute to your profits!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to say thanks for linking to my blog in your blogroll. I looked at my stats, and over 20% of my traffic comes in from your site! Its the biggest referrer for me. Thanks!!

frugalsuz said...


Shoot me an email at and I'll let you know. :)

Really? That's cool! You're very welcome.