Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mystery Ears

Hmm, who might these adorable ears belong to?

Why, Riley of course! Don't you just love that shiny fur? He could be a hair model for Pantene!

I love watching him play. He especially loves to play near, around, next to, on top of or even under (he's not picky) Rocky - that's Rocky's rump in the picture there. How can you resist that belly and those paws? Its too bad that whenever you try to rub that belly, those sharp little puppy teeth always seem to find and chomp down on your hand or arm.

Old Navy
  • 4 basic t-shirts $3 each (sale today only) = $12
CVS - did not see this sale until now, was it even in the circular?
  • CVS tampons (10 count) $1.89, got back $1.89 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Candy bar $0.67
  • Used $1.99 EB, total was $0.63

Repeated on DBF's card minus the candy bar, used $1 EB, total was $0.89


News Around The Blogs said...

such a cute pup! oh and BTW the tampons were a hidden (unadvertised) deal

Amiyrah said...

Hey Suz,

cute pics!

Just wanted to give you a heads up: the perdue flavor bites that you like will be on sale for 2.57 starting tomorrow. There will be a 2.00/1 coupon in the RP tomorrow, making them .57! Good stock up price for you? Hope that helps!