Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unexpected Savings and a Peek into my Apartment

Verizon's cell phone plans give you a $50 credit towards a new phone every two years and today was my two year date. So off to the mall my boyfriend and I went. I wasn't interested in anything fancy. I don't need a phone that is capable of emailing from outer space, texting at the depths of the deepest ocean trench or playing videos from high atop Mt. Everest. I just got a basic LG phone for $53.50 after tax and I'll get back a $50 rebate, so close enough to free for me.

Then we headed over to the "Proactiv machine". I love this thing! Its basically a vending machine for Proactiv products. I've used Proactiv for over a year now and I've pared down to just using the repairing lotion. When you use their online club, you are mailed products at regular intervals. The problem was I had never come close to using up the bottle by the time the new shipment arrived and I was on the maximum length of time between shipments! So when I found this machine, I cancelled the online club and now I just stop by when I'm getting low and pick up what I need. Love it!

Oh! I did my taxes tonight and survey says...big refund for me! I'm getting back $2,250 from the feds and $183 from good 'ol NJ. That's all going right into savings. Now I have to adjust my info so I don't get as big a refund next year and get more money each pay period. At my previous job, in addition to my day job, I taught courses at night and the HR department processed those paychecks as extra pay. Long story short, I was only taxed on my day job income, not the extra teaching money and I always ended up owing lots of money come tax time. Its such a relief to not be in that situation anymore.

So as promised (and I'm not really sure anyone cares but I'm gonna show you anyway), here's my movie collection. It used to span the entire bottom shelf as well, but I've really made an attempt over the past couple years to sell off lots of books, CD's and movies that I never should have bought in the first place. Now I'm much more thoughtful about what I buy and don't buy anything unless I really love it. There are still a couple movies in there I'm not 100% wild about, but they're not worth anything, so they're staying for now.

And yes, they're in alpha order. So I'm OCD. Whadda ya gonna do about it? You can't tell me you haven't realized this already! :)
The shows I love to watch! I've watched the entire Alias seasons a couple times over. I've also watched Lost start to finish several times. Oh and Grey's Anatomy too. Ok, so they're all awesome! :)


Lillie said...

So what do you think Lost is going to "boil down to"? In other words, what's your theory?


frugalsuz said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to imagine! This season has been so interesting, with all the time traveling. I was shocked to find out that Widmore had been on the island when he was young - didn't see that one coming! And I can't wait to see Russo's back story, I've always wondered what her life was like.

You were the one looking for $3 KY coupons, right? I found some yesterday that I can send out to you.

frugalsuz said...

Mindolla wrote - "I DVR Lost and today tried to watch episode 1 of this Season.. yeah I was having a hard time. Thats my problem with shows. With so long a break, they lose me.
But I didn't delete them. I kept them to give it another try on another day. My brain was several places today. I sure hope it turns out good."

So sorry about that Mindolla! I hit the reject button instead of publish by accident and I couldn't figure out how to fix it! Eek

I'm with you, I was a little lost at the start of this season too. With the break in between seasons (especially this one since it was so long) and all the twists and turns of Lost, its so easy to get confused. That's why I like to rewatch the seasons. I always pick up on details I missed and things make more sense.

Precious said...

Great movie collection! I had to laught at the OCD comment. :-) Our DVD's, CD's and all of our books are alphabetized! How else would you find anything? LOL!

Angie said...

I'm so jealous of the LOST box sets.....I have an unhealthy obsession. :)

Are you thinking what I'm thinking gas far as Daniel's mom?

And how does Jin get off the island for Sun's labor if he's now time traveling as well...?

Lillie said...

Frugalsuz-That was me and the KY coupons, I would appreciate any you can spare. I, too, am surprised by all the "old" faces showing up on Lost this season, but I definitely feel they are building toward something big this season. I can't wait!

frugalsuz said...

I usually ask for the newest Lost set for Christmas since they come out around that time. Makes me easy to shop for! :)

As far as I know, Jin didn't make it off the island for Sun's delivery. During that episode where she was giving birth, Sun was in a flashFORWARD and Jin was in a flashBACK. He was still working for Sun's father and was trying to get to the hospital on Sun's father's orders. That was a tricky one!

Me too! Oh I love Lost. Coupons are on their way...

Lindsay said...

I looooove Alias.
<3 Michael Vartan !!!!

centralillinoisian said...

I also alphabetize my books, cd's, and movies! Even my canned goods in the cabinet. And my cookbooks are not arranged alphabetically, but they are arranged according to size.