Monday, February 9, 2009

I found it!

Look there on the right hand side of the you know what that is??
Walgreens - I cannot believe I found the Auto Expressions! I've been on the hunt for this all January. Hoorah!
  • Auto Expressions Air Freshener $4.99, will get back $4.99 (ESR - "raincheck" item from January, probably won't be on the list of rebates when you submit your info online, but just put in your receipt info without checking any specific rebates and it should pick it up) and will submit for $4.99 manufacturer's rebate = $4.99 profit
  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $8.99, used $4 coupon (2/8 P&G) and got back $6 RR = $1.01 profit
  • Total was $10.47, paid with gift card

Different store

  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $8.99, used $4 coupon (2/8 P&G) and got back $6 RR = $1.01 profit
  • Total was $5.62, paid with gift card

Rinse and repeat on the Gamer and then bought:

  • Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves shampoo (or can get styler or cond) $4.29, used $1 coupon (11/9 or 1/4 RP) and will get back $4.72 (ESR #3, $4.29 + 10% bonus) = $1.40 profit
  • Escencia shampoo $7.99, will submit for Try Me Free offer on bottle = FREE
  • Used $6 RR, total was $6.14, paid with gift card

CVS - my card

  • Tums Quik Pak clearanced to $2.40, used $2 CRT and $2.25 coupon = $1.85 profit
  • 2 Glade Sense and Sprays $6.99 each, used BOGO coupon, $4 coupon (2/8 SS) and $1 Glade CRT and got back $4 EB ($2 each, hidden monthly deal until 2/14, limit 5) = $2.01 profit ($1 profit without the CRT)
  • Total was $0.91, overall profit $3.09

Different store - DBF's card

  • Tums Quik Pak clearanced to $2.40, used $2 CRT and $2.25 coupon = $1.85 profit
  • Raincheck from last week - 2 Loreal Revitalift towelettes $5.99 each, used two $2 coupons (1/4 RP) and got back $10 EB (for buying two) = $2.02 profit
  • Used $2 EB, $3.99 EB, total was $0.42, overall profit $3.49


  • Always Infinity pads $4.99, used $2 SR coupon from catalina printer and got back $5 catalina = $2 profit (free without coupon)
  • 5 pouches Starkist tuna $1.18 each, used four $1 coupons and BOGO coupon (from Vocal Point) and got back $1 catalina for buying 5 = $0.28 profit
  • Egglands eggs $1.49, used $0.50 coupon (2/1 SS) = $0.49
  • 4 Sargento shredded cheeses $1.69 each, used two $1 off 2 coupons (1/25 SS) = $4.76 or $1.19 each
  • Total was $8.91 after $0.10 bag discount


Amiyrah said...

the tuna's gonna be .88 each starting wednesday. You didn't want to wait on it?

Also, the hershey's bars are 2 for 1.00 again this week. With the BOGO coupon, you'll get 4 for 1.00. Not that we need more chocolate lol!

Lisa B. said...

I need some of the tums. We go through them at a rapid pace! :)

I also hope Wags or CVS has a sale on the durex.

Steph said...

What? I can get a manufacture rebate too? I lucked out and found this is Jan. and there was a coupon in the pack for a free refill.

The rebate form says AutoZone, does that matter?

Steph said...

Do you have to go to a different Walgreens to get a 2nd razor or couldn't you just do it in separate transaction as long as you don't use the RR for the 2nd one? I don't have a store near me so I'm not up on the ins and outs of Wags but I have to take a trip so I will be making the most of it by stopping. Thanks.

frugalsuz said...

Grr, I really hate not getting a SR circular in the mail anymore! I knew I saw it was $0.88 on HCW, but when I got to the store and saw that it was $1.18, I thought maybe the $0.88 was a regional price or something. Oh well, still made a profit!

I definitely don't need any more chocolate! lol I have way too much as is. :)

I take Tums everyday as a calcium supplement, so I go through them pretty fast too. I was happy that I got more $2 CRT coupons at CVS yesterday so I can get some more.

Yeah, its weird that it says Auto Zone. It doesn't specify that you have to buy it at Auto Zone so its worth a shot. The most you have to lose is a stamp.

I could have bought more than one razor at the same Walgreens, in different transactions. And you're right, as long as I didn't use the RR I got in transaction one on transaction two, I would still have received the second RR. But since I have so many Walgreens in my area, I try not to do back to back transactions like that if I can help it. I try to fly under the radar as much as possible. And the stores can limit you to one item if they want to. I've had that happen before on a rebate item, so I try not to do that too much. But if you have a cool cashier (or one who could care less, lol), go for it! :)