Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shadow - the Model

My boyfriend's dog, Shadow is pleased to announce she will be embarking on a modeling career! Obviously gorgeous, intelligent and talented, we wish her all the best of luck. Her first gig was showing off our goodies of the day. Notice how she leans to the side to not block our view of the product? She's a natural!

CVS - my card
  • 6 cases Diet Coke $3.50 each, used six $1 coupons (these all beeped, ugh. I have such issues with Coke Rewards coupons at CVS) and got back $10 EB for spending $20 (Limit 1) = $0.83 each
  • Candy bar $0.67
  • Used $3.99 EB, $4 EB and $7.58 EB, total was $0.53

DBF's card

  • 6 cases Diet Coke $3.50 each, used four $1 coupons (used up all our points otherwise I would have printed more) and got back $10 EB for spending $20 (Limit 1) = $1.16 each
  • 2 Reeses candy bars $1
  • Used $8 EB, $10 EB, total was $0.21

"Which is better? My right side?"

"Or my left?"

"Oh what does it matter? I'm just too hot to handle!"


Lisa B. said...

She's so cute!

Tanya said...

What a great deal on the Coke - I need to sign up for the Coke rewards!!

Shadow is simply adorable :)

Lillie said...

Shadow is beautiful and very photogenic! I have a funny for you too: My sister called me up yesterday to ask me about the Sense and Spray Glade deals at CVS and WAGs, and while I was trying to explain the deals, I was getting confused about the details, and then I said, "you know what I just did that deal b/c Frugalsuz said to!" She and I both laughed about it, b/c she reads your blog, too, but it was really funny in the moment b/c I really couldn't remember what the deal was: profit or free? So anyway, I am on my way to becoming a mindless frugalsuz follower. LOL (seriously just kidding) BTW, my word verification was "potness", hmmm......

frugalsuz said...

Lisa and Tanya,
Thanks! She's definitely adorable and knows it too. :)

That's hysterical! A lot of times when I'm on the hunt for something, I'll go into a different store (ie. CVS when I've been looking for something at Walgreens) and think "Oh, there it is!" and I have to say, wait a minute! Wrong store!! lol All these deals, so little time. :)

I'm so glad you and your sister read my blog and that you have a hounding buddy. :)

Chicagolandia said...

Shadow is so cute, she threatened to upstage all your deals!

Precious said...

OhI have to get in on this coke deal late rin the week. Thanks for posting it.