Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Awesome RA Moneymaker

CVS - had a $10 EB that was expiring today
  • Earinse $7.99, got back $7.99 EB (monthly deal, limit 2) = FREE
  • Extreme Energy 6 hour shot $4.99, get back $4.99 EB (monthly deal, limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $10 EB and $2.49 EB, total was $0.49
RiteAid - big thank you to emhalf and saphira for helping me figure out this deal! :) SCR #43 is an awesome rebate and there are lots of scenarios. Details on HCW here.
Store 1 - rebates in DBF's name
  • 3 Bayer Contour diabetes monitors $14.99 each, used three free coupons (valued up to $30, 2/1 RP) and will get back $10 RA gift card (WYB 3 Bayer products, SCR #43) = $10 profit
  • Serenity Tena underwear $10.99, used $2 coupon (11/2 SS), $3 RA coupon from circular (back page) and will get back $5 (SCR #1) = $0.99
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, total was $0.99, overall profit $14.01

Store 2 - rebates in my name

  • Bayer Contour diabetes monitor $14.99, used free coupon (valued up to $30, 2/1 RP) = FREE
  • Serenity Tena underwear $10.99, used $2 coupon (11/2 SS), $3 RA coupon from circular (back page) and will get back $5 (SCR #1) = $0.99
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, total was $0.99, overall profit $4.01

Store 3 - rebate in my name, store had a bunch of monitors but would only let me use one Bayer coupon, grr. The cashier said that the last time I was there (ages and ages ago), she got in trouble for letting me use coupons. Say what?!? I remember what I bought because I rarely go to this store and it was all legit. I wasn't sure whether to be embarassed (there were other folks in line behind me who clearly heard her) or annoyed that the managers are that clueless!

  • Bayer Contour diabetes monitor $14.99, used free coupon (valued up to $30, 2/1 RP) = FREE

Store 4 - rebate in my name

No monitors here (double grr at store #3!!) so I got a raincheck for the $14.99 price. I'm going to wait to get this until Sunday, so I can buy some free after rebate items and get up to $25 to use another $5 coupon. :) That works out better anyway. Take that store #3! Once I buy the third monitor, I'll qualify for another $10 RA gift card = $10 profit.

*Note - the monitors have Try Me Free rebate forms in them. I've read in the past that folks on HCW have submitted for these rebates and they usually got back the after-coupon price. Since I paid a whole lotta nuthin' for these, I won't be doing the rebates.

And guess what I got in the mail today? :)


Amiyrah said...

hey Suz,

when you sent in your P&G rebate, did you send in receipts that had the trial size stuff we got from Stop and Shop that month(the scope and whatnot)? You and saphira got your coupons and I keep going on that site to check if mine has been received and it still says they don't have a record of it. I sent it over 5 weeks ago, but I did count the trial size stuff in my total.

Just wondering...

Lisa B. said...

Store #3 needs to be investigated! What a load of poo!

frugalsuz said...

I'm pretty sure I did include the trial stuff in the receipts. Maybe it just got lost in the mail? Do you have a copy of what you sent in that you could re-mail to them?

My thoughts exactly!

Steph said...

RA let you use the $3 coupon from the flyer and the $2 from the newspaper? They are both manufacture coupons.

frugalsuz said...

I didn't have any problem using the circular coupon with the manufacturer coupon. I don't have it in front of me, but I'm pretty sure the circular coupon code starts with RC...which means its actually a RA coupon and can be used in addition to a manufacturer's coupon.

Steph said...

yes it does say RC. I didn't know that. I thought if it says manufacture coupon at the top you couldn't use it with another MQ. Most of the cashiers where I shop are goofy but I'll try it next time.

Heather@Autumn At Oak Hollow said...

You know, I tried buying three of the Bayer monitors at my Riteaid. The cashier didn't know what to do with the coupon since each rang up as $14.99 and the coupon says $30 off (I should have corrected her and pointed out it says UP TO $30 off). She called a manager over who said I couldn't use the coupons if the monitors were on sale. I knew this was BS because I had bought one at Walgreens just yesterday. I was in a rush, didn't feel like arguing and just left.

frugalsuz said...

That's a load o' bull. The coupons say "up to $30" and the cashier should have entered in $14.99 as the price for each coupon. Sigh, I hate cashier issues. You could still make money on this rebate by buying the Bayer:

Bayer Low Dose (81 mg., 24 ct.) $1.99, buy three and use three $1 coupons (1/4 SS) and get back $10 RA gift card (SCR #43) = $7.03 profit