Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eBay Supplies

Splatter - you rock! I just ordered a bunch of FREE Priority shipping boxes from the Post Office's website and they are going to ship them to me for FREE!

Song of the Day - George Strait - How 'Bout them Cowgirls - this song makes me think of wide open plains and the wind blowing through my hair...oh George, how I love thee...
I have been selling a lot of stuff on eBay lately and I ran out of shipping boxes yesterday. I could have gone to Target or Walmart, but then I would have to fork over actual cash. Heavens no! So I decided to use up some of my EB's and buy the boxes at CVS.
  • Three 8 inch boxes $2.29 each
  • Three 12 inch boxes $3.49 each
  • Three 18 inch boxes $3.99 each
  • 3 bottles Diet Coke $1.69 each, used three freebie coupons (these get mailed to you instead of printing them and it takes a couple weeks) and got back $1 EB for buying three (monthly deal, not sure of limit) = $1 profit. I will get back $1 EB when I buy one more (I've bought 5 so far this month).
  • Physician's Formula Organic mascara $9.99, will submit for Try Me Free rebate (up to $9.95 - what's up with that? *product has to have the Try Me Free peelie on it) = close to FREE *There was a $1 coupon in the 2/22 SS but I didn't have it with me. Be on the lookout for TMF's on the bronzers too.
  • Used $4.99 EB, $10 EB, $12 EB and $12 EB, total was $0.69

The great thing is that this trip didn't even come close to wiping out my EB's! I used DBF's card and I still have $50.96 left in EB's on that card. A lot of these were close to expiring anyway. And I'll get back $9.95 for the mascara that I'll put right into savings. Love it!

Got these in my mailbox today - Pepsi/Frito coupons from the rebate several weeks back and a Heart Healthy t-shirt from RiteAid (SCR #500). Its actually a pretty nice fabric!

I mailed out some items I sold this morning and I used a $15 gift card I got from an Olay rebate to pay for most of the cost.


Amiyrah said...

The physician's formula bronzer doesn't need to have the TMF sticker on it...just FYI. But it does cost an arm and a leg lol. Waiting for a sale on it to do the rebate.

frugalsuz said...

Are you sure? All of the rebate forms on the Physician's Formula website say that you have to send in the Try Me Free stickie from the product (there are three separate rebates).

Lisa B. said...

Hey..... I see you got your pepsi coupons! I hope mine come any day now. Have you got the Olay gift card yet? I havnt. :(

Precious said...

You did very well at CVS. I hate paying for boxes. They are so expensive but you found a way to make that cheaper. Love it!

Jenn Mc said...

Would you feel comfortable going into more detail about how you ebay your stuff? I was just going to yard sale some of it.


Chicagolandia said...

Love the shirt - it's too cute!

Splatter said...

If you end up needing more boxes. A good place to get them for free is usually the mall if you have one near by. Whenever we need boxes we go pull up by their dumpsters and theyre usually laying all over. AND another option, not sure if you ship Priority or not but you can get Priority mail boxes for free from the post office, if you need large quatities you can order them from the USPS website and theyll even deliver them, all for freeeeeee

frugalsuz said...

Yes, I did! I received a $15 Olay gift card at my address and my boyfriend's address this week. It didn't specify which rebate it was for, so I assume it was for Regenerist since I did that one first. I used one yesterday to pay for some of the shipping costs at the post office.

Me too! Which leads me to Splatter's post...are you serious! I've been sending stuff priority! Arg, at least now I know. I just went and ordered some on the post office's website. Thanks so much for that tip!

Sure, I don't mind. Some of the stuff I'm selling is just stuff from around the house - some figurines I don't want anymore, books, DVD's, etc. But a while back, some folks had commented on my blog that I should hold a yard sale and that got me thinking about selling online instead. So far I've sold hair color, maxi pads and Rogaine. I figure that I haven't paid for these items, so anything I make selling them is pure profit, even if its only a dollar.

Chicagolandia - me too! I was suprised it was so nice.

Angie said...

I don't ever buy boxes for eBay. I just turn boxes inside out. Pop-Tarts, waffles, cat litter, you name it! Between that, and the free priority boxes from the PO I'm set. I will admit I spend about $15 a year on poly mailers for clothes.