Thursday, August 7, 2008

Walgreens Tip

As I was buying my Pop Tarts & Special K bars and then again at a different WAG where I got the Glade, I overheard customers having the same discussion with managers - they'd bought some variation of the cereal items on sale this week...but they did not get any RR's, what gives? They'd both must have done this same deal earlier in the week because they'd used the $5 RR they'd earned previously to buy the cereal today. Here's why this didn't work:
  • Walgreens advertises that Register Rewards/RR's can be used like cash on your next transaction...but that's not really the case (dirty, stinkin' liars! lol). In actuality, RR's are manufacturer's coupons that are only good at Walgreens.
  • The catch is that you can't "roll" RR's. (Rolling is when you buy an item, it earns you a reward (ie. RR at WAG, ECB at CVS, etc.), and you turn around and use that reward to buy more of the same get another reward - you CAN do this at CVS with ECB's, which is one of the reasons I love CVS so much.)
  • Since RR's are manufacturer's coupons, you can't use them to buy any items from that same company that are also generating RR's. This is what tripped up the folks tonight. They were using a Kellogg's RR to buy more Kellogg's. This would have been fine if the Kellogg's hadn't been producing RR's, but since its supposed to, the second set of RR's won't print. I know, its a pain.
  • However, you can use your RR's to buy something from another company. So I could use my Kellogg's RR's from today to buy Dove chocolates and the Dove RR would print without a problem.
  • You can also use your RR's to buy pretty much anything in the store - I like to use mine for groceries whenever possible. They're usually only good for two weeks or so, so I try to use mine ASAP so I don't forget about them.


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Oh no Jennifer! Those darn RR's are so tricky. I was looking at the fine print on mine today and they exclude dairy - what's up with that?? What's wrong with buying dairy? They're from Kelloggs - you figure they'd WANT you to buy milk to go along with their cereal! lol