Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oodles of Free Frieda...

Petsmart - 7 packages of cat treats $1.69 each, used 7 freebie coupons (8/3 RP) = $0.95 (tax)
Walgreens - dragged my 2 sisters to 2 different WAG's so I could maximize the John Frieda deal
Did this 5 separate times:
  • 2 John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo/conditioner/stylers (has to be the Luxurious Volume variety) $6.49 each, buy one get one 50% off sale - so after tax it works out to $9.73 for two
  • Then use a $3 off 2 coupon (8/24 SS)
  • Total is $7.41 and you get back $9 RR = $1.59 profit

Counting the two $9 RR's from this morning, I now have $63 in RR's to use, which is great b/c I totally wiped out my gift cards today buying rebate items. Now I can buy a second set of rebate items to do under DBF's name and I'm sure I can find lots of other goodies to use the RR's on. Just a reminder - RR's are usually only good for 2 weeks so you have to use them fast.


Melissa said...

isn't 9x5=$45 or did you have other RR from other deals?

frugalsuz said...

I did the John Frieda deal twice this morning, so I have seven $9 RR's all in all. :)

Melissa said...

ahhh haa! I was looking at the picture then reading you said you did it 5 times so I was confused! coolness!

solisjenny said...

I did buy two john Frieda but I did not get any rewards any idea??? I bought the Frizz Ease??

frugalsuz said...

solisjenny - the RR's only print on the Luxurious Volume collection (blue bottles). And unfortunately, I think the deal may be over. :(