Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look at all those buddies!

I discovered last night that a bunch of my precious J&J Bath Buddies coupons are gonna expire in a couple weeks - we can't have that, can we?!? So, I decided it was time to use these puppies. I have so many because some wonderful and generous hounds on the WIR boards sent them to me for a deal a couple weeks back. That deal fell through, but the bath buddies are regularly priced at $0.99 at CVS and many other stores - so they're free with the coupons. Here are the links to the coupons: $1 coupons here and here and $2 off 2 coupons here and here

  • Glade fabric freshner $2.99, used $1.50 coupon from WAG August Easy Saver book and $1.50 coupon = $0.20 after tax
  • 6 Pop Tarts and 4 Special K bars, used three $1 off 2 Pop Tarts (8/3 RP) and four $1 Special K coupons = $14.98
  • Got back $10 RR ($5 for Pop Tarts and $5 for Special K) and I'll submit for the $10 rebate in the 8/3 RP = $5.02 profit!
First Transaction
  • 6 J&J Bath Buddies $0.99 each, used six coupons
  • Total was $0.42 (tax)
Second & Third Transactions - did this twice so I could use the $2 off $10 coupon twice :)
  • Folgers coffee twin pack *These are HARD to find! This was the 3rd store I looked in* $6.99, gives back $3 ECB (limit 2)
  • CVS hand sanitizer $0.99, used $2 CVS skincare coupon = $1.01 profit
  • 4 J&J bath buddies $0.99, used four coupons = FREE
  • Coupons used: four J&J, $2 off $10, $2 CVS skincare, $4 ECB
  • Total was zero and got back $3 ECB for Folgers

When I finished with the second transaction, the cashier (a young guy) looks up at me and says "wait a minute, did you just buy all the same stuff as you did before?" Yup, me replies. "Wow" - hardy har har, I was laughing to myself so hard. I really love teenage guy cashiers (assuming they're nice, of course) - they're so funny. :)


  • 2 twin packs English Muffins $3
  • 2 Ken's dressing 8 oz. two for $2, used $1 off 2 coupon (8/3 SS) = two for $1
  • More bath buddies (yes, I know, my apartment is slowly being taken over by these!)
  • 3 Pretzelfils $1.84, used $0.75 coupon that doubled (5/11 RP) = $0.34 each
  • Total was $5.45

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