Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CVS & RiteAid

Reminder - all of the August P&G coupons expire on 8/31. If you were lucky enough to get the $1 Gilette Satin Care shaving cream coupon, there are trial sizes of this shaving cream for $0.99 out there (I get mine at CVS) and this is a great way to get some free shaving cream. :)

Started off the day with a quick Rite Aid run - spent $2.40 cash and I'll get back $9.98 in rebates = $7.58 profit!
  • Pert Plus $2.99, used $2 coupon (6/29 SS) and will get back $2 (SCR #94) = $1.01 profit and I found two bottles with "Try Me Free" stickers on them so I'll submit for the Pert rebate as well = $4 profit all together
  • Bought second bottle to do under DBF's name. The rebate form for this one was lying next to the bottle, and I just realized the Simply Fresh variety doesn't qualify for the manufacturer rebate, so I'll have to exchange this tomorrow.

CVS - I really love the Garnier face lotion and at $12.99 a pop, I'm always on the hunt for a great deal. The deal this week is spend $15 on Garnier/Maybelline, get $5 ECB and there's a limt of 5. I also had a bunch of high value ECB's to use up, so I thunked up myself this little deal. ($2 off $10 and $2 CVS skincare coupon are available on iheartcvs.com) Here's what I did:

1st Transaction:

  • Garnier lotion $12.99, used $1 coupon (5/11 RP)
  • Garnier mousse $3.34, used $1 coupon (6/22 RP)
  • 2 Softsoap hand soaps $0.99 *be careful - rang up $1.50 instead of $0.99, cashier had to manually adjust price
  • CVS trial size $0.99, used $2 CVS skincare Q
  • Coupons used: $2 off $10, $2 CVS skincare, two $1 Garnier, $10 ECB, $3 ECB
  • Total was $0.39 and got back $5 ECB for Garnier

2nd Transaction:

  • Garnier lotion $12.99, used $1 coupon (5/11 RP)
  • Garnier mousse $3.34, used $1 coupon (6/22 RP)
  • CVS trial size $0.99, used $2 CVS skincare Q
  • 2 V8 Splash juices (these are really yummy) 2 for $5, used $1 off 2 coupon (8/17 SS)
  • Coupons used: $2 off $10, $2 CVS skincare, two $1 Garnier, $1 V8, $10 ECB and $5 ECB
  • Total was $0.48 and got back $5 ECB for Garnier

I did this on my way into work and as I'm driving in, I'm thinking, hmm, wait a minute. The lotion is $12.99 and the mousse is $3.34. I only need to spend $15 to get my $5 ECB, so I might have a little overage to use for a third transaction. Here's the math: $12.99 x 2 plus $3.34 x 2 = $32.66. That's $2.66 overage, so if I get another lotion at $12.99, I can earn another $5 ECB! Three guesses where I went on my lunch...

3rd Transaction:

  • Garnier lotion $12.99, used $1 coupon (5/11 RP)
  • CVS trial size $0.99, used $2 CVS skincare Q
  • Pretzels $0.99
  • 2 Malt o Meal cereals $1 each and you can print $1 coupons here or here = FREE
  • Coupons used: $2 off $10, $2 CVS skincare, $1 Garnier, two $1 cereal Q, $5 ECB from earlier today and $5 ECB
  • Total was -$0.03 - cashier wouldn't adjust last coupon up three cents so I'd be at zero so I picked up a candy bar = $0.47 and got back $5 ECB

Since the cashier told me to get a candy bar, the calories don't count, right? Right?? lol They also had mini Softsoap samples - gotta love a freebie!


Amiyrah said...

I love the garnier face lotions too. I have been trying to figure out a good deal for this but even after looking at yours I still don't see a good one for me. I only have 5.00 ECBs on each card and I can't use the 2.00 off CVS skincare coupon at my store :o(

Hopefully there will be another good garnier deal soon before I run out of lotion....

Melissa said...

good deals! I'm waiting and waiting every week now.. not sure that i can work up my deals before I go to the store.. it seems that if I just get all my items in my cart and then split them up then walk around the store putting in fillers it works better for me! lol!

frugalsuz said...

There is a September rebate on the Garnier lotion as well. Buy $20 worth, get a $10 rebate. I may do that one too, but it always seems easier to work deals at CVS over WAG.

Kudos to you! Whenever I work up a deal on the fly, it always gets messed up. :)

Lisa said...

I cant make my deals up before hand either. I never know what my CVS is going to get in and what the hound that always beats me to the store is going to get. lol Her and I fight over the razor deals... and we've never met. The employees tell us about it. lol

Great job on your deals too, my CVS is VERY strict about what coupons you use. Mine would only let me use ONE malt o meal coupon.

frugalsuz said...

Did you give them your "item versus transaction" explanation? I hate it when stores make up rules as they go that make no sense.