Friday, June 27, 2008

Moneymaker at Walgreens - Today & Saturday Only

I picked up these four Air Wick Freshmatics (they actually work really well!) at Walgreens today. They are on sale for $5.99 and there is a $4 coupon here. You can also print 2 more coupons here. The July rebates start today and there is a $3 rebate (#32) for each of these you buy (limit 4). My total was $9.64 and I'll get back $13.20 ($12 plus 10% bonus) as a rebate = $3.56 profit!


Melissa said...

Can I just say HOLY FREAKIN CRAYOOOLLA'S!! Girl! you are the MASTER!! I am new to this and I learned a ton just reading a few of your blogs!! Thanks for posting all this information. I am recently unemployed and not going back to work until August so I'm living on unemployment until then.. I have to make those dollars stretch so a neighbor introduced me to and I have been hooked ever since. I spend HOURS a day reading posts, websites, trying to get great coupons.. so far I'm really horrible at it, but I have a feeling with time I'll get better at it.

frugalsuz said...

Holy Freakin Crayolas - I LOVE it! lol I'm sorry to hear about your unemployment - that must be very stressful. Thanks for the compliments, but I'm nowhere near some of the amazing hounders on the WIR message boards. If you don't already read the Grocery Challenge thread, its a must read. I've always loved shopping and I get a little "high" when I get a great deal. It's so nice to still get that high from shopping, but the difference is now I get things for free or even make money. Its like reverse shopping!