Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Happy Room

I just love the cheerful light in our dining room.  We get lots of sunlight poring in from the sliding glass doors and combined with the bright paint, its always sunny and uplifting in here.  I put up this Valentine's Day wreath to get it off the table (there was already a nail in that spot) and although its small for such a large wall, I like it there!
Here's the wreckage of a crazy weekend.  I had an appointment at 10 am on Saturday in NJ and my parents and I were meeting up for dinner at 5.  That's a lot of time to fill.  They were out all day, otherwise I would have gone over for lunch.  I dropped off my plates to the DMV, picked up a bag of food and copy of Gigi's medical records at the vet, swung by the eye doctor to have my glasses fixed and make an appointment, grabbed a shake at Wawa (yum!), poked around for clearance deals at Walgreens, got free lunch at Panera courtesy of my sister, deposited a slew of rebate checks at the bank, got gas, hit up two Targets, four CVS's and two Rite Aid's.  All that running around gave me quite a headache!  After having a lovely dinner and driving all the way back home (plus making a ShopRite trip that I'd run out of time for before dinner), I was pooped and collapsed into bed.  

Target has some nice printable coupons out (or at least, I think they're still out) - $1 off Up & Up paper towels (used on the single rolls which are $0.99), $1 off a $3 Up & Up item (used on a big jug of hand soap refill for $3.39) and $1 off Up & Up mouthwash (got the Target version of Act for $2.88).  I also found a twin pack of clearanced throw pillows for about $14.  

At CVS, I got a bunch of the Speed Stick deodorant that was on sale.  My Dad uses this brand, so it was nice to be able to give him a whole bunch.  The BOGO coupons automatically deducted the full price of the deodorant, so I didn't pay anything OOP, got back a $6 EB for every six that I bought and I'll send away for the $5 rebate in the 1/29 SS.  I picked up some cheap toilet paper and soda at Rite Aid and some cheap Sargento cheese at ShopRite.
Gigi could care less what I have on the table, as long as her comfy chair cushion is right where its supposed to be.  She's taken to sitting like this lately, one back leg hanging in the wind. 

With Saturday being so crazy, I set out to do a whole lot of nothing today and I was successful!  Gigi has the right idea.  A little lounging is good for the soul.

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