Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Any'tizers for Us

We went out nice and early to ShopRite this morning.  The store in town gets mobbed on the weekends and I have no patience for crowds.  I'll make another trip during the week for the Lipton tea ($1 each, buy 10 and get $10 catalina).  For now, I just wanted to get the freezer stuff and head back home to enjoy our Sunday.  I love having lazy Sundays.  We go out for the paper and whatever else we need in the morning and then lounge around the rest of the day.


  • 4 Tyson Any'tizers $4.24 each, used $1 off 2 catalina coupon and will send away for $10 sporting goods store rebate (WYB 4, 1/22 SS) = $5.96 or $1.49 each
  • 2 Turkey Hill ice creams $2.47 each
  • Total was $21.40
DBF tried the wings for lunch and loved them!  I nearly passed out from all the fumes in the kitchen.

Then off to Rite Aid - 

  • 3 Foster Grant Spare Pair Reading Glasses $9.99 each and BOGO 50% off sale, first was $9.99, second was $4.99 and third was $7.99 (20% discount), got back two $15 UP's ($15 UP WYB 2, Limit 4) = $7.03 profit
  • 6 papers $1.60 each ($2 reg price, 20% discount)
  • Used two $2 UP's, total was $30.44
I got back two $15 UP's because of a glitch in RA's system.  Don't ask me to explain it, I've read the posts on SD about it a million times and still don't understand.  I'm going to buy another three glasses tomorrow and I should get back another two $15 UP's.  That should also put me above $100 for the Buy & Save promo, so I'll get back a $20 UP as well!


Sheila said...

Glad you found the spare pair glasses...hope I get lucky tomorrow too ;) Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

frugalsuz said...

I checked out a couple stores late last week and they had a lot. Hopefully they'll still be in stock for me to do this deal a couple more times.

Sheila said...

Plenty in stock, will repeat tomorrow. I can ritch the thermacare too again right?

Kerri said...

I bought 6 pairs of glasses on Sun morning and got 4 $15 ups. The bottom of my receipt says you have received the max amount of rewards for this item....let me know if it works more than twice for you. I almost tried again today, but was chicken :)

frugalsuz said...

I think so!

I think if your receipt says limit reached then you're out of luck. You have to split up your purchases to take advantage of the "ritch"