Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As Usual...

Rite Aid has me completely bewildered as to what just happened.  I do love their sales, but they don't make things easy, do they?  

So, here's what happened.  Over the course of the day, I went to a bunch of different stores and picked up twelve bottles of Robitussin.  They were $6.49 regular price, so $5.19 with my 20% discount.  I used a $3 circular coupon and $2 or $1 manufacturer's coupon on each ($2 was a printable from coupons.com, $1 coupon or here or 1/1 or 1/29 RP).  All in all, I paid $12.28.  I should have received two $10 UP's from this week's promo ($10 when you spend $30, Limit 4).  I did receive two $10 UP's, but they're from this monthly deal ($10 when you spend $25, Limit 4).  So I still made a profit - $7.72, but it should have been $27.72.  I'll also send away for three $10 rebates WYB three qualifying items including Robitussin (1/29 RP) which turns this deal into a $37.72 or $57.72 profit, depending on what happens with my missing UP's.  I think I'm going to give it a day or so and see if the UP's print when I make another purchase.  If not, I'll probably contact Customer Service about it.  Did this happen to any of you as well? 

Among my many trips, I also picked up: 

  • 2 Pantene Ice Shine/Aqua Light Sham/Cond $3.50 each, used $3 off 2 coupon (2/26 SS) and got back $2 UP's ($2 WYB 2, Limit 2 offers, weekly deal) and two $1 UP's (monthly deal, Limit 3) = FREE (did this again on a separate card)
  • x 2 - Blink Gel Tears (10 mL) $7.99, used $1 coupon (this beeped) and will get back $7.99 (SCR #12) = $1 profit
  • Stopain Analgesic Spray or Roll On $6, will get back $6 (SCR #22) =FREE
I'm very glad I was able to get all of my Robitussin purchases done today.  Purchases for the 1/29 RP rebate have to be made by 2/29, so if you're going to do this deal, get going!  The rebate form is a bit misleading.  It says on the top that it expires on 3/30, but then says further down that purchases have to be made by 2/29.  I guess you have until 3/30 to get the form to them.

I also headed over to two CVS's - 


Sheila said...

Per slickdeals, the $10 wyb $30 Robi deal was an ad misprint. I questioned why it was in the Wiki and they said everyone was too afraid to change it?!?

frugalsuz said...

Well that's just stupid.