Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Losing It

I was going to pass on the Stayfree this week, but the numbers got the better of me.  Its profitable and counts towards the Buy & Save promo ($20 WYB $100 of qualifying items, valid until 3/3).  After looking at my receipt from the dog treats I bought the other day, I'm already up to almost $40 on my card.  I haven't even been trying for this deal, so I have no idea what I bought that got the level up so high.  Figured I might as well add to it a bit...

Rite Aid - did this on DBF's card

  • 2 Stayfree Pads $3 each, used BOGO coupon (1/8 SS) plus $0.50 peelie coupon and got back $4 UP ($2 UP for each, Limit 3) = $1.50 profit
  • Used $2 UP, total was $0.50

Then on my card:

  • 6 Stayfree Pads $3 each, used three BOGO coupons (1/8 SS) and got back $6 UP ($2 UP for each, Limit 3) = $3
  • Used $8 in UP's, total was $1
Now at this point, I'm sure you're wondering what my master plan was for actually spending money on pads.  Surely there's a hidden trick up my sleeve that would justify spending three hard-earned dollars on pads that I'll just donate to the local food pantry.  Well dear friends, I'll let you in on it.  But only if you promise to not tell anyone.

I had a complete and utter brain fart. You would think that since I spend so much time compiling deals from various websites and typing them up into a pretty format that I could spend the time to read what I've written.  Well apparently that's not the case. I convinced myself that the deal was a $4 UP when you bought two, limit three offers instead of $2 UP per item, limit three.  I think I need a vacation.  :)


Sheila said...

I donate meds/food to the pantry, never thought of the pads. I sell them for $1 ea on CL. A mother with teenage girls really appreciates it :)

frugalsuz said...

What's CL?

Sheila said...


Jennifer M said...

Craigslist ;)
I LOVE Craiglist!!

spaghetti0625 said...

My SR doesn't have the stayfree that I use anymore...ugh! They have all the other sizes/shapes whatever. Now that I just saw this, I may have to run to RA today after work now....thanks! lol

frugalsuz said...

Oh duh! :)