Monday, December 28, 2009

Yay for Carbs!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! My boyfriend, youngest sister and I helped my middle sister move into the condo she just bought down in VA. I'm pretty achy from lifting boxes up and down stairs, but luckily its done now. The ride home was miserable. It was supposed to take us around 4 hours, but it ended up dragging on for eight, grueling hours. The traffic was miserable and I was wiped by the time we got home late Sunday night. Yuck.ShopRite
  • Lettuce $0.99 - my store is finally marking down about-to-expire produce, yay!
  • 3 Fleisch's Yeasts $1.50 each
  • Gallon of Milk $2.59
  • SR Swiss cheese $2.15
  • Used $10 catalina, total was $0.23

Then I bought (can't use more than one of these cats at the same time):

  • Semolina flour $2.79
  • 2 packages bread flour $3.59 each
  • 2 bags Tostitos $2 each
  • Used $10 catalina, total was $5.56

A&P - the smallest container that ShopRite had of dry milk was at least triple this size - weird, huh?

  • Dry Milk $5.39

Why did I need all this flour you might ask? Because my hunny got me a bread machine for Christmas! My inner carbohydrate-addict is jumping for joy.

My first loaf is pretty simple, just a basic white bread. I just turned it on, and I'll have yummy bread for breakfast. This worked out perfectly since I just used up the last of the bread I had on hand.
My mom made me this beautiful quilt for Christmas. She started working on it when I moved into my apartment...back in 2005. My two sisters each have multiple quilts and my mom has whipped up quilts for baby showers left and right, but my quilt lay unfinished next to her sewing machine, slowly being buried under material scraps and fabric patterns. Finally, it is complete! :)


Laurie said...

I have the same bread maker & I love it (though mine is probably about 10 years looks exactly the same!) If you got a recipe booklet w/it, try the italian herb bread. It's yummy!

Amanda said...

Beautiful quilt!!! What a great present. :)

Queenbuv3 said...

Carbs are yummy. I will never give them up : )

Amazing quilt! Love the kitties : )

Happy New Year!

spaghetti0625 said...

There's a bagel place by where I work and they sell t-shirts with their name on the back. On the front of the shirts, there's two stick figures doing something (running, walking, fooling around?) and it says 'I LOVE CARBS!" or something along those lines...I'm gonna buy one next time :)

Blakely said...

I love the quilt! I have always wanted a bread machine. Hope you enjoy yours.

frugalsuz said...

I definitely will, thanks for the tip!

It is gorgeous, I'm so happy its done. Today was freezing, so it was a perfect day to try it out.

Me either! I am definitely a carb-a-holic.

That's hilarious!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks, I definitely will.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love the animals in it! Now I totally want a bread machine. lol. I had one yrs ago, I think its still at my mom's house. I might just have to call her and find out if it still works!

frugalsuz said...

I love my bread machine and I love, love, love the smell of baking bread!