Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Perfect Storm

Walgreens - did some last minute trips on Saturday, but you can buy the Olay whenever.
  • Conair Brushes $2, got back $2 RR = FREE
  • Fleece throw blanket $1.99
  • Mountain Dew $1.59
  • Used $5 RR (reduced my taxable total!), total was $0.62

Then I bought:

  • 2 Olay Quench lotions $9.99 each
  • 2 Olay Ribbons body wash $5.29 each
  • Used two FREE lotion coupons (WYB body wash, 11/29 P&G), $2 RR and $8 RR, total was $2.72
  • Got back $5 RR for spending $20 and I'll submit for the Quench TMF rebate (Limit 2) = $14.40 profit

Then at another store I bought:

  • Conair Brushes $2, got back $2 RR = FREE
  • Stayfree pads $1.99, got back $2 RR = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Plug adapters $1.89
  • Used $5 RR, total was $0.88
On Sunday, DBF and I headed out around 10 am to hit Pathmark for $0.99 papers. There was freezing rain and we hit a small patch of ice on the way there, but didn't think much of it. We got the papers and jumped back in the truck. I had planned a CVS trip too, but the roads were getting icy so we decided to just head back. We're driving down Rt. 23 and see that everyone ahead is stopped and there are police lights in the distance. Following another SUV, we get off on a side street to skip the traffic. Turns out that road was super steep and we crawled up and then down the other side. I watched (with my hands over my eyes) the SUV ahead of us brake too hard and spin out on the street. Luckily, no cars were coming the other way so he just backed up and continued. We came to a cross street and as we waited for a gap in traffic, I watched two dudes in a pickup literally slide down the street. The tires weren't turning at all. We safely got down the hill and tried another side street, which was all backed up with traffic and had another steep hill ahead. Turning around, we headed back to 23, pulled into a Dunkin Donuts and hung out in the truck for an hour. As we read the paper and munched on bagel sandwiches, we listened to the radio. Rt. 23 - closed. Rt. 80 - closed. Rt. 287 - closed. Rt. 78 - closed. Rt. 46 - closed. It was crazy!

After an hour or so and the salt trucks had gone by (plus 4-5 ambulances), we got back onto 23 and sat in traffic. At 1:58, roughly three and a half hours after we left, we got back home. The ice only lasted about 2 hours and the freezing rain quickly turned to regular rain as it warmed up. But what a couple of hours!
Have you seen this commercial for Snuggies? Something about this shot struck me as odd. Can you spot it? Let's take a closer look...
There it is! The cranky, cold, Snuggie-less dude! The entire Snuggie family is cozy and happy and nobody thought to bring one for Gramps. You know that's his wife sitting there clapping and smiling, oblivious to his discomfort.
Come on now, Snuggie people.
The dog is not only warm and happy in his dog-sized Snuggie, he's educating himself on his breed???


Pubbler said...

Is that the regular price for the Olay? I saw that WAGS might do the 15% off (friends/family) on 12/18. Will get my Olay then.

Angie.... said...

there was a buy 1 lotion get 1 free lotion plus a $3 off coupon in the dec issue of more magazine!

frugalsuz said...

Yup, those are regular prices. Thanks for the tip about the F&F discount, I think I may wait to buy my second set until then too.

I saw that! This coupon worked out better for me, but that's a great coupon as well.

Angie.... said...

I used the buy lotion get one free at riteaid because it was almost the exact amount i needed to finish out my holiday of savings.I have 4 more of the buy the body wash get lotion free i will use and send rebates to my mom and sis- thanks for heads up about 12/18 i will wait and do those then.