Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is One of Those Posts...

...where I'm sure you're thinking I've totally gone off the deep end, but hear me out.

  • Two $30 iTunes gift card multi-packs = $60
  • Got back a $10 catalina (WYB 2)

Repeated three more times. I'm going to sell the gift cards on ebay to recoup the money I spent. As long as I sell each multi-pack of cards for at least $27 or so, I'm happy. Plus this is 240 reward points on my credit card, which puts me closer to earning another gift card at CVS.

Planning some Walgreens shopping tomorrow?

Don't forget to print out your 15% Friends and Family discount coupon!


Pubbler said...

I love deals like this! If it makes me money, I'm buying it. My GS has a promotion on Sat - buy $50 Meijer GC, get $5 off. So I want to buy a few GCs. This way I save 10% on my grocery purchases. I shop at this store every week & if they want to give me FREE money, then I'm all for it.
Just remember, that if you're doing $27 as a Buy it now price, you pay 12% Ebay fees - thats $3.24 you'll be charged for each GC you sell.

frugalsuz said...

I agree! I didn't do Buy it Now, I just set the minimum price as $27so the fees shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully the auction will go really close to $30. I wish the stores around here would do deals with gift cards to their own store. That would be nice!

I was looking and saw a $20 gift card selling for over $20 - that's a bit odd, but I can dream!

Pubbler said...

Sending good karma your way - hope your GCs sell for more than $27 :D