Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In

CVS - DBF's card **NOTE - don't buy these bonus packs of Nivea. They were marked as being part of the sale, but they rang up as $6.99 and didn't give us any EB's. The cashier manually printed the EB's and gave us back $2 cash.
  • Nivea Body Wash (16.9 oz) $5.99, used $2 coupon and get back $5 EB (Limit 1) = $1.01 profit
  • Used $3.98 EB, total was $1.50 - got back $1 EB for using green tag --- but we didn't use it on this card! Weird
CVS - my card
  • Nivea Body Wash (16.9 oz) $5.99, used $2 coupon and get back $5 EB (Limit 1) = $1.01 profit
  • Thermacare Neck to Arm Wrap (1 ct.) $2.49, got back $2.49 EB (Limit 5) = FREE
  • 2 Revlon Super Lustrous or Moon Drops Lipsticks $6.99 each, used two $2 coupons (*these beeped - the Revlon coupons always seem to beep no matter what Revlon item I buy! 11/15 SS) and got back $10 EB ($5 EB each, Limit 3) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Christmas ornament $3.34
  • Milk $1.89
  • Used green bag tag (got back $1 EB), $7.99 EB and $8.99 EB. I handed the cashier my $5 egift card and even though I told him it was a gift card, he rang it up as a $5 coupon. Total was $2.41
Walgreens - I was down to my last case of Pepsi. I have a can each morning when I get to work to wake me up. This was as pretty good of a soda sale as I've seen lately. The best deals are usually during the summer.
  • 3 cases Diet Pepsi three for $10, got back $3 RR = $7 or $2.33 each
  • Eggs $0.99
  • Used $2 RR, $4 RR and $4 RR, total was $1.69 - paid with gift card that I bought the other day (I used RR's to buy it, so I basically paid with RR's)

Five Below - this was the first time I'd ever been here and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have a pretty decent movie selection. I got these three movies - Wedding Crashers and Kill Bill I and II for $5 each. My sister picked up the Matrix trio of movies and Failure to Launch.

How much snow did you get? My balcony always gets a lot because of the wind.


Janelle said...

You can use RRs to buy gift cards?

Angie.... said...

wow!! all we got was sleet! I would love to get at least a few inches of snow this year!

Sarah said...

At least the snow covers up all the roofing material so you wont have to look at it :)

I am disappointed in the CVS limits lately. Limit 1 is enough for DH and I usually, but I miss the days of limit 5. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Jamie said...

I want some snow! :( We got nothing!

I got the $1 EB for the Green Tag too and I wasn't due one yet either. Maybe CVS is just saying Merry Christmas :)

frugalsuz said...

Not technically, but if you get a friendly cashier or slip them in with other items, the RR's won't beep, so it will work. :)

It looks pretty, but then just starts to get in the way of everything. The dumpster and mailboxes at my building are surrounded by snow - not so much fun.

I forgot to post about that - they came back and got rid of the roofing stuff! Thank goodness!!!

That's a nice gift from CVS if you're right. :)

Pubbler said...

Holy smokes, thats a lot of snow. I'm glad we were nowhere near those storms. I love snow, but we don't need that much. Drive safely :D