Monday, December 7, 2009

Whateva RA!

That's it, I give up on Rite Aid this week. A big ol' POOWEY-ON-YOU RITE AID! (blowing a big old raspberry in the air) I went to a different RA today to try yesterday's transaction again and the Scotch coupons beeped again (no surprise there) but then they wouldn't let me use the $5 Air Wick coupons on the $4.99 Air Wicks! Wouldn't adjust it down, even when the manager came over. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Fine RA, I didn't want your stupid Scotch tape dispensers anyway! ;)

CVS - my sisters specifically requested I get them Santa hats, otherwise I would have passed on this deal

  • 2 Merry Brite Santa Hats $3.99 each, got back $7.98 EB (Limit 2) = FREE
  • 2 Essence of Beauty body washes $4.99 each, used BOGO coupon (got from the scanner today - what luck!) and got back $8 EB ($4 EB each, Limit 2) = $3.01 profit
  • Used green bag tag, $0.89 EB, $4 EB and $7.99 EB, total was $1 - paid with egift card

Both these deals are good Sun/Mon/Tues only. All my EB's beeped again. Seems that the Thanksgiving EB's are all beeping for everyone - weird huh?


Angie.... said...

was it the .75 scotch coupons that beeped or the 1.00 off going to try to get my deals tomorrow if there is anything left.

slugmama said...

That's weird....I used 2 of the Scotch pop-up pdf Qs on Monday at RA and no beeps!
Am I lucky or are u unlucky?lol

frugalsuz said...

I tried to use the $1 ones.

slugmama - I'd say lucky for you! :)

Slickcat said...

I got that BOGO scanner coupon too...I was so excited!

I used it with the $2/10 CVS brand :)

frugalsuz said...

Ooh, lucky you!!

Laurie said...

The Scotch coupons beeped on the tape dispensers I found in the stationary aisle...the ones in the gift wrap/holiday aisle went through fine. I'll be posting the picture in a few...but they were standing vertical in the package if that helps in the mean time. For some reason, the barcodes are different....but they ring up exactly the same on the receipt.

Also, I had one cashier adjust the Airwick coupons down and another put them through at $5.

Weird things going on this week at Rite Aid...

frugalsuz said...


Good to know, thanks!