Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Olay

I had today all planned out. I was going to do my shopping early in the morning, then come home to enjoy a well-earned day off of doing nothing. I got up at eight, stretched and looked out the window to find that it was furiously snowing out. Arg! Although I don't love driving in snow, I'll do it if I have to. What always worries me are the two entrances to my apartment complex - two MAJOR hills. And I can never tell if they've plowed them until I'm out there. I listened to the weather forcast and they said it would stop snowing in the evening and turn to rain, so I figured I'd just do my shopping later on. It was today or never since I had a $10 catalina expiring today at ShopRite and Olay coupons I'd bought on ebay that also expire today. After poking around the house for an hour or two, I turned on the weather channel and they said it wasn't going to stop snowing until midnight! That wasn't much of a help, so I pulled on my gloves and coat, readied my coupons and headed out. The roads were still pretty snow covered, but it was the middle of the morning so there were few folks on the road. I got my shopping done and headed home, all in one piece. As soon as I got back inside, it stopped snowing. The entire afternoon was totally snow-free and the roads are perfectly clear. Figures!

Walgreens - I bought enough items for three rebates and I'll submit for one at my address, one at my boyfriend's and the final at my parents'
  • 2 Olay Regenerist Cleansers $7.29 each, 20% off sale so $5.83 each, used two $3 coupons (11/29 P&G *Expires 12/31) = $5.66
  • Total was $6.48 with tax, will submit for $15 rebate = $8.52 profit

This store only had one more of the cleansers, and there was no way I was driving out to the closest Walgreens, so I got the cleansing cloths instead. I really like these anyway - I have oodles of face wash but not too many cloths.

  • Olay Regenerist Cleanser $7.29, 20% off sale so $5.83, used $3 coupon (11/29 P&G *Expires 12/31) = $2.83
  • Olay Regenerist $9.99, 20% off sale so $7.99, used $3 coupon (11/29 P&G *Expires 12/31) = $4.99
  • Total was $8.79 with tax, will submit for $15 rebate = $6.21 profit


  • 2 Olay Regenerist Cleansing Cloths (smaller packages) $6.99 each, used two $3 coupons (11/29 P&G *Expires 12/31) = $7.98
  • King Arthur Bread Flour $3.59
  • Used $10 catalina, total was $2.50, will submit for $15 rebate = $7.02 profit


Rachel said...

Nice deals! I picked up the Regenerist scrubs at CVS this week for $6.99 each but only had $1 coupons available. Still a moneymaker, though!

Question for you, though. I used one of the cleansers this a.m. and it smelled a little "weird" to me, but I've never used Olay before. Do the cleaners have a real "clean" scent or is that "different" scent normal?

frugalsuz said...

I had used up all my $3 coupons so I ordered more off ebay. Luckily, they arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to use them before they expired today. They only cost me about $1.50.

Hmm, I haven't noticed that they smell weird. Does the other cleanser smell the same?

Pubbler said...

Just a heads up - Stayfree will be Free at RA next week. Its on BOGOF sale & there will be a BOGOF Q in this weekend (1/3) inserts.
happy new year!!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks, that sounds good to me!

Rachel said...

I only wanted two, so it worked out - I used the scrubs to get me over $20 to use a $5 off $20 Q from the Sacramento Bee.

They do both smell the same, but I'm thinking maybe it's normal. I'm not used to cream-type cleansers, nor Oil of Olay.