Monday, September 15, 2008

Using Up Those Kraft Q's...

A couple weeks back, I bought five copies of the August issue of the All You magazine. This issue had great coupons to buy 3 Kraft products and get one free. They expire on 9/30, so I've been trying to slowly use them up before then. I've bought tons of Kool Aid (qualifies as the 3 Kraft items and is super cheap), which I'll see if my friend wants and if not, they'll go to the local food pantry.
ShopRite - did this over two transactions at two different stores
  • 7 cans Mighty Dog food $0.66 each, used seven freebie coupons from 8/10 SS (thanks TempestMargaret!) = FREE
  • Purina Healthful Life cat food $1.75, used freebie coupon from 6/8 RP (thanks again TempestMargaret!)= FREE
  • 6 boxes Barilla pasta $0.88 each
  • Millions of Kool Aid packages (just kidding, actually bought 36) $0.29 each at one store, $0.25 at the other = $9.72
  • Here are the freebie items I got for using the freebie Q's from the All You magazine: 3 Crystal Lites ($3.99 each), 4 packages Kraft Singles cheese ($3.49 each), 3 Kraft dressings ($2.99 each) and 2 boxes Wheat Thins ($3.29 each) - that's $41.48 worth of food and I only paid $9.72 (price of Kool Aid) - not too shabby!
  • 4 Bic Comfort Advance razors $2.99 each, used $3 coupon (9/14 SS) = FREE
  • 1 Bic Soleil razor $2.99, used $3 coupon (9/14 SS) = FREE *I know I have more of these coupons but they somehow disappeared on me in the store. I left them in my coupon organizer so I'm going to go back tomorrow for more free razors. :)
  • Mission tortillas $2.50 (not on sale but I needed these)
  • Used a $3 catalina and got $0.15 bag discount
  • Total was $15.31


  • 2 tubes Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste $2.99, used $2 coupon from circular (limit 2 of same item, scans twice so took off $4) and two $1 coupons = FREE


Melissa said...

you have a dog too? I've only seen pics of your kitties! lol!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

when you use the kraft coupons, they don't charge you for the highest price item and make the cheap kool-aid be your free thing? it seems like that would be something you'd have to fight with the cashier about every time.....not that i even have the coupon, i'm just wondering :)

amazing haul of stuff!!

frugalsuz said...

Nope, I only have my two kitties. My boyfriend has a dog, but she doesn't eat Mighty Dog so we're going to donate the dog food to an animal shelter.

frugalsuz said...

The coupons are very specific. So they say "Free Wheat Thins (or Crystal Lite or Oscar Mayer hot dogs or Kraft Singles) when you buy 3 Kraft items". Thank goodness - otherwise I'm sure I'd run into cashier problems!