Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holy Air Freshners!

EDIT - if you also bought the 3m lint rollers and aren't satisfied with them, you can submit for this Satisfaction Guarantee (up to $4.99).
EDIT - there is another BOGO coupon for the Glade gel warmers on - thanks Tosha!

  • 3 bags Tidy Cats litter ($6.73 ea) & 3 bags of the litter pads ($4.32 ea) - its getting harder and harder to find this stuff so when I see it, I've been grabbing multiple packages. I used one $1 Tidy Cats coupon that my houndfriend dancinmama sent me (wish I had more to use but they weren't in my inserts)
  • 6 boxes Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta $1.50, used six $1 coupons (8/24 SS) = $0.50 each
  • Total was $37.47 but at least I'm set on litter for a while


  • 6 Scotch Brite lint rollers $2.50 each, used six $1 coupons = $1.50 each
  • Used $3 off $15 and $3 ECB, total was $3.63 and got back $5 ECB (for buying $15 worth of Scotch Brite)
Ok, now here's where the fun starts. Thanks to an awesome tip from a fellow hound called saphira, I was able to pick up all these Glade air freshners at Stop & Shop.

Transaction One:
  • 2 Glade Wisp Flameless Candles $9.99 each, used BOGO coupon and got back two $3 catalinas plus I'll submit for Try Me Free rebate $9.99 (9/7 SS) = $6 profit

Transactions Two & Three:

  • 22 Glade Gel Warmers $1.79 each, used a combination of BOGO coupons (or 9/14 SS) and $0.55 coupons (also print when you print the BOGO coupons) and got back $2 catalina for each warmer I bought
  • So here's the run down: I paid $21.51 OOP for the warmers and I got back $44 in catalinas! That's a $22.49 profit!

Well, I just had to put all those catalinas to good use! All in all, I had $64 to spend (including catalinas I'd earned today and a couple days back). Back to S&S DBF and I went:

So, as far as I understand it, here's the deal with S&S catalinas. They are manufacturer's coupons (as opposed to S&S coupons), so you can only use one per item. Also, if you have a $2 catalina, your item must cost at least $2. So the name of the game was finding as many $2 and $3 items as possible. Here's what I got:
  • 5 papers $2 each, used five $2 cats = FREE
  • Arnold bread $2.50, used $2 cat = $0.50
  • Tortilla chips $2.89, used $2 cat = $0.89
  • Rold Gold pretzels $2, used $2 cat = FREE
  • Thomas mini bagels $2.50, used $2 cat = $0.50
  • 2 Milks $2.29 ea, used two $2 cats = $0.58
  • Land O Lakes half sticks butter $4.29, used $3 cat and will submit for Try Me Free rebate = $1.29 paid, $4.29 back = $3 profit
  • Yoplait yogurt $2.29, used $2 cat = $0.29
  • 4 S&S shredded cheeses $2.50 each, used four $2 cats = $2
  • S&S brick cheese $2.50, used $2 cat = $0.50
  • 2 S&S cream cheese $2 each, used two $2 cats = FREE
  • Sargento swiss cheese $3, used $3 cat = FREE
  • Tropicana OJ $3, used $3 cat = FREE
  • 2 Healthy Ones cold cuts $3 each, used $3 and $2 cat = $1
  • McCain fries $2, used $2 cat = FREE
  • Perdue ground turkey $3.06, used $2 cat = $1.06
  • 1 pound strawberries $2, used $2 cat = FREE
  • Apples $4.41, used $2 cat = $2.21
  • Total was $10.52 and I still have a couple $2 catalinas still to use

Even if you don't have any Q's for the Glade gel warmers, at $1.79 each, you make $0.21 for every $2 catalina you get back. The $0.55 coupons are actually a better deal than the BOGO coupons. $1.79 + $1.79 - $1.10 - $1.10 ($0.55 Q doubled) = $1.38 for two (versus $1.79 with the BOGO Q).


Lillie said...

Per good blogging etiquette (so I have been told) I wanted to let you know how much your posts help me to use my coupons and limited time resources so well! I look forward to much needed lint rollers (furbabies) and moneymaker butter (holiday baking) this week! Oh, and my house is goin' to smell so good!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Nice job on the Glade warmers! I might have to try this sometime this week.

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

do the 0.55 coupons work on the warmers themselves? i have a few but hadn't used them b/c they say they are for the refill and i wasn't sure if they would go through. did the cashier have to push them for you?

frugalsuz said...

Thank you so much! :) I love when I'm buying things that I actually need at the moment (ie. butter and lint rollers). Its great to stock up on things, but when I'm out of something, buying it for free or making money on it feels even better.

Oops! Are those coupons for the refills? Honest to goodness, I didn't even realize that. They went through without so much as a beep at all the stores I went to.

Lindsay said...

omg i'm going tonight!!!!! how many can you do per transaction?

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

i'm trying the crap out of this deal tonight!! thank you so much for posting!

frugalsuz said...

Queen - LOL!!

Lindsay - the most I did in one transaction was 14. I'm not sure there even is a limit on how many you can buy per transaction. But S&S may have a limit on how many coupons they double per transaction. So if you're going to be using the $0.55 coupons, I'd ask Customer Service beforehand to see how many they will double. If not, I'd swing for the fences and buy as many as you have Q's for!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

official S&S policy is 4 identical coupons will be doubled. it depends on if the cashier is pyaing attention.....registers are not programmed to stop doubling at 4 (hint hint) my SE MA area anyway.

Tosha said...

thanks for the link to the bogo coupon. there is also one on .