Friday, September 26, 2008

Gotta Love those Double Dip Days!

Today and tomorrow are fabulous days in Walgreens land! Why, you might ask? Well, because you can still buy September rebate items, but you can also buy October rebate items! If you can find any (more likely, you'll have to ask for them), you can use the new coupons available in the October Easy Saver book. There is also a $5 off $20 coupon available. I probably could've worked this into my deals today, but I feel a cold coming on and my brain's a little fuzzy. Good thing I got some cough drops! :) Here goes:

Transaction 1 - was looking for more Reach toothbrushes, no luck
  • 2 packages Nabisco cookies $5, get back $3 RR
  • Small package of Oreos (filler) $1
  • Pert Plus shampoo $3.49, used $2.50 coupon from Oct. Easy Saver book and $2 coupon (8/3 SS) and I'll submit for Sept. ESR #43 for $3.49 = $4.50 profit *This deal is only good 9/26 or 9/27
  • Glade Fabric and Air Freshner $4.29*, used $1 coupon from Sept. Easy Saver book and $1.50 coupon (or 8/24 SS) and will get back $1 rebate Oct. ESR #28 = $0.79
  • Used $4.50 RR and total was $2.83

*I thought this was going to be $2.99, so its not quite the moneymaker deal I had planned on, but I think its still a pretty good deal. $0.79 isn't bad for a product that I use very often. Melissa, another great hound, has confirmed that the Easy Saver coupon will come off multiple times for this item, even though it says Limit One. She used one coupon and the discount came off 10 times, so buy away!

Transaction 2 - I also do rebates in my boyfriend's name so these will be submitted under his name

  • 2 bags Halls cough drops $1 each with in-circular coupon = $2
  • WAG brand Brita filter $6.99, will get back $6.99 Sept. ESR #9 = FREE
  • Pert Plus shampoo $3.49, used $2.50 coupon from Oct. Easy Saver book and $2 coupon (8/3 SS) and I'll submit for Sept. ESR #43 for $3.49 = $4.50 profit *This deal is only good 9/26 or 9/27
  • Crest Pro Health rinse $4.49, used $1 coupon (8/31 P&G) and got back $4.50 RR = $1 profit
  • Used $3 RR from cookies, total was $9.50

This was an awesome Walgreens month for me. I shopped more at Walgreens than I did at CVS, and that's really saying something (for me at least!). I've earned roughly $65 on my gift card and the same on my boyfriend's gift card, with a profit of roughly $20 on each. WAG gift cards never expire, and you can use this money to buy more rebate items in months to come (or of course, anything else in the store you want to buy). I love it because I don't have to include this money in my grocery budget and it helps me save some of my cash. October looks pretty slow for me, at least in terms of rebate items, so I'm sure I can stretch this money very far.


Melissa said...

awe shucks! I learned from the best YOU! lol! remember not that long ago I would leave you comments with questions like 3x's a day? lol! I was so lost at first but I think I've caught on now with a little help from my friends! lol! ;)

frugalsuz said...

The great thing about blogs and message boards is that we can all learn from each other. There's always something new to learn!