Wednesday, September 3, 2008

emhalf - you're killin me!

I so have a new favorite website thanks to emhalf. Oh my lordie, these are cracking me up! Some of my favs:

That's how I roll
When vacume cleaners go bad
You blow on my tail, okay?
Pocket protector
Der somting in mah closet
Dis ur kid?
Teleport machine need work
Look dad!
iz foundz remote
iz mouse gone?


Emily said...

HA! Don't you love it? Discovered it a couple of months ago and I think I've read all of them now...


Amiyrah said...

I wasn't gonna let you suck me into looking at those but with this rainy day, I got sucked in. Too funny! My favorite one is the "No PMS" one....thats me and DH to a tee, once a month