Monday, September 1, 2008

Monthly Totals - August

This has been a great month! My mom asked me the other day how much money I'm making with all this hounding, so I've decided to keep a separate tally of my profit each month. Here's how I did for August:

CVS Spending
Merchandise Total: $523.07, Coupons Used: $347.63
ECB's/Gift Cards Used: $177.32, ECB's Earned: $133.07
Cash OOP: $4.68
Profit: $51.28
# Items Bought: 212
# Free Items: 137
YTD Savings My Card: $2,049.59, DBF's Card: $1,110.30

All Other Stores Spending
Merchandise Total: $961.58, Coupons Used: $548.45
Rewards/Gift Cards Used: $191.67, Rewards Earned: $139
OOP Expense: $259.14 - yikes! Went a little over budget here
Rebates: $271.93
Actual OOP (after rewards earned & rebates): $39.88
Profit: $91.99
# Items Bought: 341
# Free Items: 221

All in all, I made $143.27 this month - that's not a bad hobby! :)


Melissa said...

omg that is motivational! lol! I should add up just what I spent OOP this month.. I really need to come up with a spreadsheet or something!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks! :) I keep everything on an Excel spreadsheet. There's no way I could track everything I buy otherwise. Plus it does all the math for me, which is a huge timesaver.

Melissa said...

yeah see.. for some reason I used to be awesome at setting up spreadsheets like that and now I'm not that good at it.. for some reason I think I want it to do too much for me and then get frusterated when I can't figure out why it won't calculate everything for me! lol!

frugalsuz said...

Aww! Excel can sometimes be a pain, but the only calculations I really use are sums and averages. You can click on the Help button to have it walk you through how to set that up. And feel free to ask me any questions - I'll help if I can. :)

JMo said...

~~Breaking News to our Suzi Q on da Pound! Watch out, Big Kahuna, and my personal grocery guru, frugalsuz is a hound extraordinaire! WOW! (Um, maybe that should be:) WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!
I am soooooo proud of you, frugalsuz! Keep up the profitable hobby! So much for those who say coupons don't save you much money and how about those ECB's from CVS? Priceless I'd say (literally).
The registers REALLY rolled over and played dead with you this month! Now that I know my favorite Longs manager isn't going to be fired when Longs becomes CVS, I think I'll be checkin' out your CVS deals more closely! Did I say WOOF! yet? Jmo says:woof...Woof... WOOF!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks JMo! I'm excited for you that you're getting a CVS - they really are so much fun. dancinmama is getting one too - I can hardly wait to see how you momma hounds do at CVS! :)