Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

My cat Mousse has a very strange fascination with shoes. Whenever I look, he's got his little paws on my sandals and heels, sometimes even in the straps as if he wants to wear them! When I put sneakers out - he's cuddling them like there's no tomorrow!


Amiyrah said...

my furry boy does the same thing with our shoes too! I figured out that they are attracted to the smell of grass and dirt on them, especially if they are inside-only cats. This is also how they get buggies in their fur, unfortunately :o(

Jenny said...

That's one plump kitty! He's very cute but needs a diet :) My boy doesn't go for shoes but goes crazy for fresh laundry. The minute I bring it home he gets in the basket and won't leave without a fight.