Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Used up all my Kraft Q's

Sigh, finally...they're all gone! There were great coupons in a past issue of All You magazine where you'd get a free item when you bought 3 Kraft items. I love these coupons but sometimes its so exhausting actually using them! I always have to explain to the cashiers that the Kool Aid is a Kraft item, the coupons always seem to beep, it takes the cashiers forever to look up the price of the items (even when I've told them ahead of time I have coupons for freebie items and would they want the coupons ahead of time? Nope, that's ok she says. Sigh). Anyway, today was a bit of a mega-shopping day. Let's get started:


  • 2 bottles Arbor Mist (hey, a girl needs a drink after the stress of using all those Q's!) $4.99 each and will submit for $3 rebate
  • 5 bags Purina Healthful Life cat food $1.75 each, used five $1 coupons (8/3 RP) = $0.75 each (limit is four, I bought these over 2 transactions)
  • Glade Wisp Flameless Candle $7.99, used $3 coupon (from a tearpad or sample from somewhere - there are also $5 coupons out there from the 9/7 SS, I got the rebate form, so no $5 Q for me), got back a $3 catalina and will submit for Try Me Free rebate (9/7 SS) = $6 profit
  • 12 packages Kool Aid = $3, freebie items = Crystal Lite ($3.99), 2 Kraft Dressings ($2.99 each) and Kraft singles cheese ($3.49)
  • SR tortillas $1.69
  • 8 Bic razors $2.99 each, used eight $3 coupons (9/14 SS) = FREE
  • Fruits & veggies $6.55
  • Got $0.10 bag discount, total was $33.59

Walgreens - thanks VA MOM for this deal! :)

  • 2 bags Nestle chocolate chips $1.99 each w/in-circular coupon, used two $1.50 coupons = $0.98


  • 8 Joint Juice $0.99 each, used eight $1 coupons (6/22 or 8/3 RP) = FREE
  • 6 Kool Aids $1.98, freebie items: 2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs ($4.69 each)
  • Total was $0.76 after DBF's mom's discount

How cool is this? We did self-checkout and I was fully prepared for issues with the Kraft coupons. They scanned with no beeps and even automatically entered the price of the freebie items! Man, if I'd known that, I would have bought all my stuff at A&P and avoided such hassles! :)

Target - went a little crazy buying some shoes here. I didn't include them in the pic, but I assure you - they are gorgeous. :)

  • 7 Bath Buddies - found some still at the $0.99 price! $6.93 and used seven $1 coupons = FREE Here are the links to the coupons: $1 coupons here and here and $2 off 2 coupons here and here
  • Oscar Mayer ham $3.89
  • Bread $2.79
  • Iams cat food $7.49, used freebie coupon (sorry, I can't remember where I saw this deal but it was online somewhere and they mailed me this Q) = FREE
  • Used gift cards (from last week's Kashi deal) to pay - OOP for food was around $1-2


Lisa said...

I still have a few of those Kraft coupons to use up.

You did wonderful on your deals today.

Lisa B. said...

That was me above. I was logged into my gmail account, sorry.

Amiyrah said...

great job today! I didn't get to take advantage of those kraft coupons but looking at the hassle you went through( and the crazy amount you added to your stockpile) i'm glad I didn't. Gotta use up the pantry items before the big move!

P.S.- how did you get wine at SR? I thought liquor couldn't be sold at grocery stores in NJ...

frugalsuz said...

Really? I've never heard of that law before. The stores by me all have liquor stores attached to the store, not within them, so maybe that's how they get around that law.

Amiyrah said...

a-ha! yup thats why. It technically cannot be in the same store. We have one store with the liquor store attached but you aren't allowed to check out at the cahsiers where the food is if you have liquor in your transaction.