Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What the Hay?

UPDATE - I took my receipts and purchases back to the store and the super friendly manager gave me not only one $10 Shell gift card, but a second one for "not coming in and yelling at him."  It really does pay to be nice!  I'll be sending a note to corporate about how awesome these two stores are!

So DBF and I went out to CVS tonight to finish the gas card deal on two cards.  What a production!  Has anyone else had problems with this today?  Here's what I bought:

  • 3 Diet Coke 2L $0.79 + $0.05 bottle deposit, used $2 beverage coupon (Facebook printable from yesterday - this beeped saying it had already been used) = $0.37
  • 5 Physician's Formula Happy Booster Lip Glosses $10.49, $7 discount sale (on all PF makeup) and used four $3 peelie coupons plus $3 off $15 beauty coupon (Facebook printable from yesterday - this beeped saying it had already been used) = $2.45
  • Used $3 EB adjusted down to $2.97, total was $1.21
Here's where it got interesting.  I'd spent $11.96 yesterday on this card on PF products, so this additional $17.45 should have pushed me up to $29.41 and qualified me for a $10 gas card.  *You only have to spend 98% of the requirement for these kind of deals, so 98% of $30 is $29.40.  

Nothing printed on the receipt, so I figured I'd messed up and used the wrong card or something. But then I checked my receipt and saw this little puzzle:
See how there's a category called "Products, Spend $30 to get $10 EB" and then at the bottom, another category called "Gas Card, Spend $30, Get Card"?  It split my purchases up into two separate categories!

After pondering this for a while, here's what I think happened.  I bought the first set of purchases in NJ, where you get a $10 EB for your trouble.  But then I finished out the deal in New York, where you get a gift card.  (Remind me never to do that again by the way)  What a mess!  The cashier and shift supervisor were very helpful and after a call to the store manager, they manually printed a $10 EB and forced that through as payment on a $10 Shell gift card.  So nice.

We went to another store to finish out the deal on another card. Stupid me, I'd done the same thing on this card so nothing printed.  They told me to bring in both receipts and all the makeup tomorrow and they'll manually print a $10 EB or give me a gift card or something.  I bought - 

  • 3 Physician's Formula Matchmaker Lip Glosses $9.99 each, $7 discount sale (on all PF makeup) and used three $3 peelie coupons = FREE/$0.02 profit
  • Physician's Formula Mascara $10.79, $7 discount sale (on all PF makeup) and used $3 peelie coupons = $0.79
  • Total was $1.80

"Hey ma, I'm still not seeing any cat treats up there for me."  

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