Monday, July 16, 2012

30 G's

 Gatorade that is!  Snagged a great deal on these at Rite Aid -

  • 15 Gatorade Bottles (32 oz) $1 each, got back $5 UP (monthly UP, WYB $15, Limit ?) and two $1 UP's ($1 UP WYB 5 bottles, Limit 2, weekly deal) = $8 or $0.53 each
  • Helping Hand Utility Box (below) $4.24 (clearanced from $8.49), got back $4 UP (Limit ?) = $0.24
  • Used $18 in UP's, total was $1.33
I'll use the Gatorade for a $10 Heineken NBPR rebate on $10.01 of nonalcoholic beverages (HKNNA040) = $2 profit  Picked up another 15 bottles on DBF's card and I'll do a second rebate there as well.  
Stop & Shop
  • Poland Spring Case of Water $3.99 + 6 pack $2.19, will use towards $5 Busch NBPR rebate on $5.01 of water (offer #32634) = $1.18 or $0.03 a bottle
  • Barilla Tortellini $4.29 
  • 2 Softsoap Hand Soaps $1 each, used $0.40 homemailer coupon (got when I had trouble with a Colgate rebate) = $1.20
  • Used $10 catalina, total was $1.67


  • 6 Perdue Chicken Cutlets $3.99 each, BOGO sale and used two $1 off 2 peelie coupons, will use towards a $10 Pyramid Ale NBPR rebate = FREE/$0.03 profit
  • Milky Way $0.75
  • Used $10 catalina, total was $0.78

ShopRite - you guessed it, more chicken!  DBF and I love these cutlets for quick dinners

  • 3 Perdue Chicken Cutlets $2.99 each = $8.97 
  • Daisy Sour Cream $1.50
  • Total was $10.47
Will use towards $9 Magic Hat Summer Scene NBPR rebate on $9.01 of various stuff (no store brands in NY)

How's this for good coupon karma?  Last week, I was at ShopRite and the woman ahead of me at self checkout stopped to gab with a friend after checking out.  As I started ringing up my stuff, she says "oh my coupons," reaches over and grabs the six or seven catalinas that were on the machine.  Now, I'm almost positive I saw the coupons printing after I started ringing up my stuff but I wasn't sure, so I didn't say anything (but you better believe I was fuming).  Today at self checkout, the woman ahead of me left her long string of coupons behind and walked away.  I got those, plus the ones that printed on my order!  Here's what I got: $1 off 2 paper towels, $1 off fabric softener, $1 off 3 bottled juices, $1 off 2 household cleaning items, $1 off 6 yogurts, $1 off appy/deli purchase of $5+ and $1 off $5 of produce.  The woman's customers were a little different - $1 off 2 bath tissue, $1 off 2 facial tissue, $1 off 2 cereal, $1 off 1 bottled juice, $1 off frozen pizza and a couple repeats.

Now I remember why I don't take pictures of stuff on the floor!
Ah, there we go!


Sheila said...

Rite Aid is so HOT!!! I almost got the Gs today but will be heading out AGAIN glad you didn't stick to your original plan and keep things light over the summer.

frugalsuz said...

Oh I know! I can't believe all the deals I've gotten there the past couple weeks. I don't mind not following my plans when there's a profit involved. :)

Mary said...

I like good coupon karma! Mi amiga and I always talk about how sometimes cashiers are so awesome they ring up coupons behind the counter or they force coupons that some would deny..all because we dont fight with them when something doesnt work out. =)

So off topic question...what happened to your monthly totals!?! I used to look forward to those..I work in finance so Im a nerd like that

frugalsuz said...

I agree, it really does pay to be nice. I haven't done the monthly totals in a while. Maybe I'll start them back up again. The deals were getting fewer and far between and the totals were a little depressing honestly. But it does help me stay on track....

Michelle said...

Where, in the store, did you find the utility box at RA?

Michelle - In Ohio

frugalsuz said...

It was with the hardware stuff. I haven't seen it at every store though. Clearance deals are always YMMV. Good luck on your search!

Anonymous said...

I love the title!! so funny! I laughed!! :)

Anonymous said...

I see you bought the G2 Gatorade. I bought 12 of them and 3 regular Gatorades. My receipt shows tracking of only $3 so I gotta call tomorrow cuz I didn't get my $5 +UP!

frugalsuz said...

LOL thanks! Its fun to try and keep the titles interesting.

I would have bought all the regular ones but one store didn't have that many in stock. How strange that your UP's didn't print! But then again, this is Rite Aid. Not sure I should really be surprised.