Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My "Meh" CVS Trip

CVS - was determined to figure out some way to use the $4/$20 coupons that have been printing from the coupon machine.  Got an idea from Wild for CVS so off to the store I went:
  • Cremo Shave Cream $7.99, will submit for TMF rebate (have to include the orange TMF label from the package when you submit the form, must be postmarked by 12/31/14) = FREE 
  • Unreal Bar (1.3-1.7 oz) $0.75, get back $0.75 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • 4 Pepsi 12 packs $3 each, got back $2 EB (WYB 4, Limit 1) = $10 or $2.50 each
  • Sunchips $1.09 - forgot to bring lunch today
  • Used $4/$20 coupon, $8 EB (adjusted down to $7.83) and $10 EB, total was $1.19
Folks commented on Wild for CVS that when they got their rebate check, the company also included samples and more rebate forms to hand out to friends!

Rite Aid 
  • Marc Anthony Easy-Lites $5.99, got back $2 UP (Limit 2) and will submit for TMF peelie rebate, Valid "before 8/31/12" so I assume that means buy it on or before 8/30) = $2 profit 
  • Bayer Contour USB Meter $23.99 ($29.99 reg price, 20% discount), used $5 coupon and $20 RA coupon (type in your email where it says INSERT EMAIL HERE) = $1.01 profit *Now at $31.99 towards another $10 Diabetes UP (WYB $50)
  • Used two $2 UP's, total was $1.40
I found the Marc Anthony peelie at CVS but put it in the picture so you'd all know what to look for.
Guess what I'm listening to?  The new Zac Brown Band CD, I just love them.  I tried to get a copy for $10 at Target last week (sold out).  So then I went to Best Buy (sold out).  Found a seller on amazon selling it for $9.99 including shipping, so it was cheaper than in the store anyway (no tax).  They're so down to earth and make amazing music.  I've just about worn out my copies of their other CD's.  :)  Luvin this song

On another note, what's up with this picture guys?  She reminds me of Wednesday from the Addams Family movies.


Mary said...

Amiga, why didn't you use q's on the soda? Or did you use them up already? Q = coupon in my lingo. Couponkindness.com had them.

frugalsuz said...

I printed them ages ago and used them somewhere (I think). Now when I go to Common Kindness, I only see Pepsi Next (blech) and Mt. Dew. Da boyfriend guzzles soda and doesn't often do the dew, so I try to just get plain old diet pepsi when there's a sale.

Stephanie said...

It is! that is Christina Ricci from the newer movies : )

frugalsuz said...

No, I meant the drawing on the CD cover looked like Wednesday! lol