Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I have done so much shopping this week!  I'm finally done and looking forward to a relaxing Sunday tomorrow.  I've got a huge stack of rebate forms to tackle.
Price Chopper 

  • 4 Hillshire Farms Sausages $2.50 each, used two $1 off 2 tearpad coupons + doublers = $6 or $1.50 each
  • 3 Prima Familia Meatballs $5.19 each, used raincheck from last week or the week before to get them BOG2 free = $5.19 for three or $1.73 each
  • PC Frozen Bagels $1 with coupon 
  • 2 PC Orange Juices $2.50 each, used $1 off 2 iSave coupon (got today) = $4 or $2 each
  • Used $2 off $20 Hannaford coupon, total was $14.19
Will use the meat towards a $10 Pyramid Ale NBPR rebate (on $10.01 of qualifying items, Limit 3).  I had planned on getting the orange juice for $2 (same link as above bagels coupon) but this store didn't have any. The non-refrigerated juices were a little larger anyway and also $2 with the iSave coupon, so it worked out in the end.

I tried to use a $5/$25 Save A Lot competitor's coupon but they wouldn't accept it.  They weren't crazy about my Hannaford coupon either even though there's a Hannaford right across the street.  I think they thought I'd copied them from somewhere but after I assured them that the $2 Hannaford coupon was from online, they put it through.
Rite Aid - was hoping to pick up a second Tecnu First Aid Gel but couldn't find it in the two stores I went to.  The Bayer meter worked out to be a great moneymaker and since its based on regular prices, I'm hoping to do it again next week.  The Tecnu should be fine to buy next week too.
  • Bayer Contour USB Meter $23.99 ($29.99 reg price, 20% discount), used $5 coupon and $20 RA coupon (type in your email where it says INSERT EMAIL HERE) and got back $10 UP = $11.01 profit *Receipt says $50 Diabetes $10 +UP Total $5.98 - so I'm guessing its more than limit one per card.  Anyone know for sure?
  • Scunchi Hair Ties (they have little knots in them, thought they were cute) $2.39 ($2.99 reg price, 20% discount), will get back $2 (SCR #80) = $0.39
  • 2 Powerade Drinks $0.97 each, used $1.50 off 2 coupon (July VV) = $0.44 or $0.22 each
  • Total was $2.17
I think the Bayer must be part of the Diabetes promo.  Here's the info on that. Then on DBF's card, I bought:
  • St. Joseph's Aspirin $1.99 ($2.49 reg price, 20% discount), used $3 coupon = $1.01 profit
  • 2 Kendall Alcohol Swabs $2.99 + $1.49 (BOGO 50% off), will get back $4 (SCR #17, $1.50 WYB one or $4 WYB 2) = $0.48 or $0.24 each
  • 3 Hartz Crunch & Clean Dog Treats $4.99 + $2.49 (BOGO 50% off) and $3.99 (20% discount price), used $0.50 peelie coupon (only found one) and got back $3 UP (WYB $10, Limit 3) = $7.97 or $2.65 each *$1 coupons in the 6/3 SS, bought this on impulse so I didn't have them with me
  • 2 Powerade Drinks $0.97 each, used $1.50 off 2 coupon (July VV) = $0.44 or $0.22 each
  • Used $4 UP and $10 UP, total was $1.97
Its never too early to start tracking - how many points do you have for next year?  I'm up to 541 on DBF's card and 751 on mine.  I've got about half the year left to get those both to 1,000 to keep my 20% discount for next year.
  • 4 Pepperidge Farm Hot Dog/Hamburger Rolls $3.49 each, used two $1 off 2 coupons (5/6 SS) = $11.96
  • 3 Lays Chips $2 each (must buy three)
  • Total after bag discount was $17.86
Will use the rolls towards a $10 Pyramid Ale NBPR rebate (on $10.01 of qualifying items, Limit 3). 

Let me tell you my rolls story from yesterday.  I'd planned on buying Arnold rolls, they're on sale for $3 each.  I picked up four packages plus some other stuff and headed to self checkout.  As I'm scanning them, I realize I've picked up two Arnold and two Pepperidge Farm.  I ask the guy to void the transaction and went back to get four Arnold rolls.  Head back to self checkout again, scan them...and then realize my coupons are for Pepperidge Farm.  (insert forehead smack)  Some days...


Dee M. said...

1st... Love your blog and that you list active rebates at the bottom of the page.

2nd... I think the trading rebates idea is great even though I don't have anything to trade at this point, I will keep an eye on your posts.

3rd... There is a new stim-u-dent rebate on their facebook page!/thenaturaldentist/app_386307254761255
which work out great with the $1 rite aid scr, Haven't checked prices in my store.

4th(final)... The diabetes up rewards are unlimited and you can continue to earn $10 for every $50 of eligble products (like CVS beauty club).

Thanks for a great succinct blog.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and the helpful info!! I'll have to see if I can find the Stim u Dent stuff, you know I love rebates. :)