Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meat 'n Potatoes

Back to Price Chopper today!  I've been trying to think of ways to spend $15 on items with the least out of pocket cost (you have to spend $15 to take advantage of the triple coupon event this week).  I have a NBPR rebate from Dos Equis for $25 off $40.01 of beef, chicken, seafood and/or tortillas/tortilla chips (DOSNA011) so I figured this would be a great time to use that.

  • 4 McCain Purely Potatoes $2.69 each, used four $1 coupons (4/1 SS) and four tripler coupons (no overage, took off $2.69 each) and will get back $1 SavingStar credit = $1 profit
  • Ground Beef - about 6 pounds @ $2.99/lb = $17.34 and 3 Steaks $6.99/lb = $25.59 so $42.93 total, will send away for $25 rebate = $17.93 OOP
  • Used $6.40 in bottle deposits, total was $36.53
After the discount from the bottles and the profit from the potatoes, I got all that meat for $10.53!
CVS - I hadn't planned on buying any of the tp covers until I read about someone using them to store craft supplies.  What a great idea!  They're pretty sturdy so I think that they'll hold up pretty well.

  • Jonathan Adler Designed Roll Cover with Bonus Cottonelle Roll $1.99, got back $1.99 EB (Monthly deal valid until 5/26, Limit 4 *buy one at a time) = FREE
  • Gillette Venus Razor $7.49, used $2 coupon (4/29 P&G) and got back $5 EB (Limit 1) = $0.49
  • 2 Pantene Sham/Cond two for $6.97, used BOGO coupon (4/29 P&G) and got back $1 EB (monthly deal, Limit 4 *buy one set at a time) = $2.49
  • Used $1 EB and $8.99 EB, total was $2.13
I did this transaction (minus the roll cover - these are hard to find) at two additional stores on two other cards.  The razors were $7.39 at the other two stores and I've seen online that some folks have found them for $6.79-$6.99 each.  

Will use the Venus razor and Pantene towards the new P&G rebate - $10 WYB $50 worth.  I've spent $8.74 OOP, but have $43.18 towards the $50 needed.  One more razor should do it, making this about $1 profit.  I'm happy just getting almost free razors, those are hard to come by these days and I'm partial to Gillette.


Pubbler said...

Was the razor deal for last week only? I just bought mine & didn't get EB.

frugalsuz said...

Yeah, it was a deal from last week's circular.

Pubbler said...

Thanks, I messed up. Got to return my razor