Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Eggs at Target


  • 2 ICBINB Tubs $2.69 each, used two $1.25 coupons (from coupons.com, this coupon goes up and down so keep an eye out for it) = $1.44 each
  • Eggs $1.49, FREE when you buy two ICBINB's (runs through 5/19 I believe) = FREE
  • Total was $2.88
While we were at Target, we picked up three plastic totes for our freezer - one for chicken, one for beef and one for pork.  My parents got me a Food Saver for Christmas and the bags keep meat fresh for two years so I don't worry about freezer burn anymore.

Craziest thing - we saw a coyote today in our back yard!  It was chasing a fluffy yellow housecat up a tree.  The poor cat wasn't up quite high enough for safety, but we scared the coyote off by pulling in the driveway and the cat scampered away to safety.  We'll definitely have to be more careful about letting Shadow out!

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