Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Evolution of a Stockpile Room

When we first bought our house, this is how the stockpile room originally looked.  Dark wood paneling on every surface, a narsty and dirty baseboard heater, dark, spotted tile on the floor, dim lighting and a funky smell.
We found out what the smell was when we took off the paneling - mold.  Mold, mold and more mold.
We had that taken care of very quickly.  A company came in, sprayed down all the walls with a chemical that kills the mold and stops any new growth.
But unfortunately, the walls behind the paneling were not in the best shape.
So off they went. 
Da boyfriend put DryLok on the cinder block walls, waterproofing them and then added a vapor barrier on top to keep out moisture.  I'm sure he did a lot of other things too, but its all starting to blur together into a home improvement haze.
Next came the sheetrock.  We got the mold resistant kind for good measure.  
I quickly learned that sheetrocking is not fun.  Its dusty and very messy.

After da boyfriend spackled and sanded down the walls, they were ready for some color.  It took two coats of primer and two coats of paint, but the walls are now a lovely shade of blue.  
DBF added moulding on all the corner edges and above and below the existing shelf to cover the seams. I think it looks really nice against the blue.
He spray painted the cover for the heater, brightening that up considerably.
I'm not in love with the lighting in this room, but changing out the 60 watt bulb for a 100 watt one did wonders to brighten everything up.  I scrubbed the light fixture for good measure.

Did you know you can't buy windowsills?  The things I'm learning lately!  No worries, DBF whipped one up.  And yeah, we got some paint on the shelf.  DBF sanded it down and put on a light stain so it would match the moulding.  There are still a couple spots here and there but we both said - good enough and let them be.
After wrestling the carpet into the room, taking measurements and wrestling it into place, we now have a carpeted floor!  I love carpet and now I don't have to worry about mopping those nasty tile floors anymore. We're going to carpet the other two rooms on this level of the house as well.

I'm off to sleep for a couple weeks straight.  See you in June.  :)


Amanda Grant said...

OMG what an amazing transformation! The room looks great, and I'm sure you will have it filled in no time. Now enjoy a rest!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Amanda! We love it too.

Sheila said...

Love the transformation too and the window sill. All my windows have no sills! I need DBF to come to my house LOL.

frugalsuz said...

What's up with that? When you buy a window, chances are that you're going to need s sill to go with it. I don't understand!