Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buying X to Get Y

I am around $8 shy of the P&G $10 rebate WYB $50.  So I headed to Walgreens to buy the profitable Ecotrin and now I have $8 in free money to use towards buying something for the rebate.  I'll probably pick up a Venus razor or some Olay body wash (BOGO 50% off this week at WAG).

  • 2 Ecotrin (45 ct) $1.50 each, used two $1.50 coupons (5/6 RP) and got back $2 RR (WYB 2) = $2 profit
  • Nice! Pretzels $0.99
  • Total was $0.99
Repeated three more times at a couple stores.  Every time my total has been super low at Walgreens lately, the registers crash and burn so I picked up some pretzels just so I wouldn't have a zero total.  


Sheila said...

Free Pantene (2)@ ShopRite next week & $5.98 toward the P&G MIR. I just can't WAGS, CVS & Rite Aid keep me busy enough LOL

frugalsuz said...

Awesome, thanks! Maybe I'll save my $2 RR for Goody stuff or just get some food. It really is hard keeping up with all the drugstores, plus the supermarkets too. I'm taking a RA break for now, just doing deals that don't give me any UP's. Sometimes you just need some time off.