Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Finished

Luckily I had hardly any trouble at CVS using up the mountain of Finish coupons I bought on ebay.  Most of the time, the coupon required that the cashier input its value ($2.15) but a couple times, it scanned just fine.  

All in all, I bought:

  • 26 Finish Powerball Dish Detergents for $3.50 a piece, used 26 $2.15 coupons (1/1 SS) and got back $30 in CVS cash cards ($10 WYB $30 of qualifying items, Limit 5).

Including the candy bar I bought (info below), I paid $6.43 in tax.  So that works out to be $41.53 out of pocket and then I got back $30 in gift cards.  So $11.53 for 26 boxes of detergent plus $8 on ebay for the coupons, so $0.75 each.

I made all these purchases on the same card.  Since this deal is limit 5, the smidgen of extra money from the first set of nine boxes carried over into the next set.  Here's the math:

$3.50 times 9 boxes = $31.50
$31.50 plus another 9 boxes/$31.50 = $63
$63 plus another 8 boxes/$28 = $91

This worked out perfectly for me since I had exactly 26 coupons, but obviously if you don't have this many coupons, you can buy as many as you have coupons for and fill in with other qualifying items to get to $30.

Mars Chocolate Singles (1.08 - 2.15 oz) $0.75, got back $0.75 EB (Limit 1) =FREE *Check your circulars before buying, this seems to be a regional deal


Free!~ said...

HOLY WOW! That's a lotta soap. Great job!

Sheila said...

Wow, that's 520 loads! How many CVS trips did it take? I'm surprised it didn't fly off the shelves. I haven't had a problem finding it at all. No luck with the "All" though.

Dreaming of Deals... said...

Just got my Finish coupons from Ebay in yesterday's mail - I paid $2.99 for 20 of them - lucky find! Now if only my CVS has any...!

frugalsuz said...

Yeah, it really is! lol But its soap, its not like it will go bad on me.

It took a lot! Between Sunday and Monday, I saw more of CVS than I normally care to. I guess this deal hadn't caught on yet, because all the stores still had tons in stock.

What a great deal! I probably should have waited to see if the Finish coupons would go down in price, but I just wanted them in hand for the sale. Kudos to you!