Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Profitable Baby Food

Rite Aid

  • 2 Stayfree Pads (14 - 24 ct) $2.50 each, used BOGO coupon (1/8 SS) and $1 off 2 circular coupon = $1.50
  • Total was $1.91 with tax

These count towards a spend $30, get $10 UP this week.  ob tampons are also included (same price, $2.50 each, $1 off 2 circular coupon) and you can print a $2 coupon here after watching the video.  PS - putting in a silly name such as perhaps, Fancy Pants, won't get you anywhere.  I have to say, I was disappointed when he sang "Hey", instead of Fancy Pants.  C'est la vie.

The plan is to buy four ob tampons (free after coupons) and six more Stayfree.  Then I'll have spent $6 and get back a $10 UP = $4 profit!


  • 16 Beech Nut Stage 2 Baby Food twelve for $3.30 and additional ones rang up as $0.55 each, used four $1 off 3 coupons and got back $3 catalina = $1.50 profit
  • 4 Crystal Lites $1.99 each, used two $1 off 2 coupons and got back $2.50 catalina = $3.46 or $0.86 each
  • Total was $7.46 
There's an ecoupon for the Beech Nut as well.  I loaded it to my card, but it didn't come off the order, unless I did something wrong.  Its supposed to come off when you scan your card, right?  The Crystal Lite catalina is valid until 2/5.  You get back $1.50 WYB 3, $2.50 WYB 4 or $4 WYB 5+.  I should have bought five, it would have been cheaper!  $1.99 x 5 - $2 in coupons - $4 catalina = $3.95 or $0.79 each. Oh well, I have two more coupons, so I'll make sure I get five next time.

There was a representative from the local paper at SR today.  He asked if I'd like a free paper (of course I would!) and then started telling me about the promo they're running.  I love when newspapers do these deals!  I just get the Sunday paper, so the deal was to get four weeks worth for $8.95 (the papers are $2 each so this is a little higher) but I'd also get back a $10 ShopRite gift card.  Right off the bat, that's a profit on newspapers.  Where do I sign?  As I was filling out the paperwork, I asked him about getting multiple papers delivered to my house.  To my surprise, he said that would be fine!  So I signed up to get six papers each Sunday ($8.95 for four weeks times six = $53.70) and he gave me SIX $10 SR gift cards!  That's a month's worth of free papers and coupons and even better, not having to run out to the store to buy papers.  He also said the coupons in the delivered papers are usually better than when you buy the paper at the store.  Love that!


spaghetti0625 said...

OH WOW...what a good idea! Now I hope they are at my local shop rite too!!!!!!! I always say no...but now I will say YES...and ask for multiples! Bet it's still cheaper then ordering the qs!

Sheila said...

I put my son Cian (Kee-an) on the video, he didn't even attempt it LOL. Coupons are gone now :(

BusyCouponMama said...

MissPT from the GC here. Have you checked the L'Oreal hair color clearance? It's a major MM at CVS.....just wanted to share the excitement, lol.

frugalsuz said...

It can't hurt to see what they're offering!

Oh bummer, they went really fast.

Hello there! Yeah I did see that deal, but unfortunately, I only have two RP's from that week so not enough coupons.