Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UP2U if You Get UP2U

Rite Aid

  • 3 Mentos UP2U Gums (14 ct.) $1 each, used three $1 coupons (1/1 SS) and got back $1 UP (WYB 3, Limit 4 deals) = $1 profit
  • 2 Zippo Mini Candle Lighters (Pearl or Cabernet) $9.99 each (no Wellness discount applies), got back two $5 UP's (Limit 2) and will get back $10 ($5 each, SCR #25, no limit) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Total was $21.59
  • Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips (black) $3.99, will get back $3.99 Easy Rebate (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Total was $4.26
Got an email from Staples with a coupon to get 25% back in Staples Rewards on almost any item in the store.  The fine print didn't say anything about rebate items and I figured it couldn't hurt, so I used it on this item.  It took off $0.01 and we'll see if anything happens.

CVS - over three transactions, I picked up 12 cases of Coke for $2.50 each.  I got back a $10 CVS cash card for spending $30 on qualifying items, so $20 for 12 cases or $1.66 each.


Jennifer M said...

I can use Staples Rewards for the Staples Rebate items, right?

frugalsuz said...

Yuppers! Rewards to buy rebates is fine, but you can't use rewards to buy reward items.

Cammie said...

the lighters are still on sale this week? or was it a Jan sale. I thought I missed it last week.

frugalsuz said...

Its funny, now that you mention it, I just bought them without even thinking if they were still on sale! Talk about autopilot! $9.99 is the regular price, the UP deal is good through 1/31 and the SCR is good until 1/31 as well. I'm going to add this deal to the weekly posts.

Cammie said...

Oh great! I'm going to stop and get one (or two!)today.