Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zippo Deal

Rite Aid - ventured in with the hopes of spending down one of my $20 UP's.  Unfortunately, I guess RA considers Zippo lighters as a tobacco product and the UP wouldn't go through.

  • 2 Zippo Mini Candle Lighters (Pearl or Cabernet) $9.99 each (no Wellness discount applies), got back two $5 UP's (Limit 2) and will get back $10 ($5 each, SCR #25, no limit) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Welcome Sign $1.99 (75% holiday clearance)
  • Total was $23.51
At the very least, this gave me some Wellness points.  Since I was scrambling to get to 1,000 last year, its made me more cognizant of buying these freebie deals as they come up.  Hopefully I can keep my discount in 2013.  


Slickcat said...

I guess that was the problem with my UPs when I tried to buy the lighter too, but we didn't know what was going on so the manager pushed them through. I think they should do that because they are clearly marked "candle lighter" and are not a tobacco product. I actually think you'd look a little ridiculous lighting cigarettes with those...

frugalsuz said...

I totally agree, I don't smoke and plan to use these as indicated - to light candles. Very strange that these are UP-prohibited items.

Now all I can picture is some smooth looking dude, slyly taking a cigarette out of the box, slowly putting it to his lips and then whipping out one of these bad boys to light it up. Hilarious!