Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh the Lengths to Which I'll Go....

CVS - I loves me some Pantene so I ordered some additional $3 off 2 coupons from ebay.  They came in yesterday, so today's mission was to find more clearanced Pantene.  Most of the stores I went to were cleaned out, but I lucked out with a couple.  It seems that now all of the varieties of the Beautiful Lengths line are clearanced.

Over a couple of stores, here's what I got at CVS today:
  • Pantene Highlighting Expressions $1.69 each
  • Pantene Beautiful Lengths Line $1.57 each
Used nine $3 off 2 coupons to get everything for $1.62 before tax.  Love that!

I also picked up four Nivea lip balms for $2.50 each, used two $3 off 2 coupons (1/1 RP) and got back a $5 EB for buying $10 (Limit 1) = $1 profit

Rite Aid
  • 2 Carefree Pantiliners (18 - 22 ct) $1, used two $0.50 coupons (these beeped) and got back $1 UP (Limit 4) = FREE


Erin said...

Wow, that's awesome! I checked 2 stores here a few days ago but they were cleaned out too, this makes me want to check the 3rd one I never checked, lol...I'm sure they're gone though

frugalsuz said...

With clearance, you just never know. I hope you're able to find some!

Connie said...

Did you get any EB's from the Pantene Highlighting Expressions? It seems to be giving $2 EB, but seems to be the same as the Head and Shoulders deal. I bought 2 of these today, and 1 Head and Shoulders, all clearance, and got $6 EB back!

frugalsuz said...

Nope, no EB's for me. I read about them too, but I think I did the H&S deal on most of my cards.