Thursday, September 30, 2010

Found a Pet Bed

Rite Aid
  • Olay Eye Roller $21.99 and two Olay moisturizers $8.99 each (one rang up with 10% discount so $8.09 and second was 50% off so $4.49), used $1 off $10 Wellness Coupon for skincare, FREE Eye Roller coupon (9/12 SS, max value $19.99, cashier took off $19.79 for some reason) and two $1 Olay moisturizer coupons (9/12 SS) and got back $10 UP Reward (WYB $30 of qualifying items) = $1.78
  • Tugaboos Diapers $0.89 ($0.99 reg price), used $1 coupon (found inside package I bought previously) = $0.11 profit
  • Pet Bed $4.99, got back $1 UP Reward = $3.99
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, five $2 UP's and $1 UP, total was $2.87

The Olay/P&G deal is tracking your purchases from transaction to transaction. So in total, I've spent $68.44 so far. I'm planning on doing this deal twice more on this card, so that will put me around $136. Depending on what my exact total works out to be, I'll be just about halfway (if not more) towards a fifth $10 UP. I'll run the numbers at that point and work out a cheap scenario to get that last UP.

The kitties love these beds! As soon as I put it down, Gigi ran over to investigate.

Staples - had an $18 Staples Rewards expiring 9/30 that I needed to use up. I've been holding on to it, hoping for a couple freebies, but no dice so I used it on ink instead.
  • Printer Ink $22.99 - you don't even want to know how long I stood in the aisle staring at the 3.6 trillion packages of ink looking for the right one for my printer
  • Used $18 reward and paid balance on gift card from previous rebate

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