Monday, September 6, 2010


So on my last ShopRite trip today, my sister and I had just checked out and were heading out of the store. We passed the other checkout aisles and before I knew it, I was walking on something slippery and down I went. I almost fell flat on my ass, but luckily, leaned forward and just fell on my knee. Ow. My first thought was, what the hell is this, oil? and my second thought was, I hope I don't get any on my purse. Funny what crosses your mind, huh? Turns out it was a gallon of water that another customer had purchased. She'd put it on the end of the aisle, where they bag groceries and it leaked all over the floor. The cashiers all stood there, looking around until my sister finally said - can you please get a manager? They mopped the water up, only after a bunch of other people had walked past and almost fallen as well. The manager took down all my info on an incident report. I'm ok, but my whole right leg from knee down to my toe is starting to throb. That floor is hard!

My sister and I had just seen Eat, Pray, Love and she jokingly said to me afterward - "I didn't know what you were doing! I thought you were knealing down to pray or something!" haha I'm glad she was there to help catch me. If she hadn't been, I definitely would have fallen flat on my back and been totally soaked. My pants are still drying out. Good times.

Anyway, here's the deal that brought me into ShopRite in the first place:
  • 2 Krusteaz Blueberry or Buttermilk Pancake Mix $1.49 each, used two $0.50 coupon (8/22 SS) and got back two $1 catalinas = $1.02 profit

Did this deal five times (gave 2 of the mixes to my sister). Bought the chips ($3.79) to use towards a $3 Budweiser NBPR rebate on $3 of chips.


mb said...

You should sue!
frugalsuz v. shoprite

spaghetti0625 said...

Hope you're feeling better!!! Amazing how people just stand there...instead of jumping to action.

Stacey said...

Even though some of the stores you post about are not in my area, I like reading your blog for the humor you put into some of your humor here!! I hope you don't get too sore. Feel better!!

frugalsuz said...

Yeah really. Instead of a monetary reward, I'd ask for unlimited coupon usage instead! :)

I am thanks. My toe is all bruised up and sore, but other than that, I'm ok.

Life is pretty darn funny. I've always thought that being able to laugh at things makes you a happier person. Thanks for reading and the well wishes!